Five best ideas for a research essay

ideas for a research essay

The good thing about an open-choice research paper is that you can write about anything you wish. Of course, this all means the pressure is on. We will give you some ideas for a research essay to truly impress your instructor, and find a topic that is interesting, relevant, and has great research potential.

So, what would you write about if you had to whip up an amazing research essay today? Check out these five amazing ideas for inspiration.

ideas for a research essay
Ideas for a research essay

1.   The latest scientific breakthrough

You can always find an exciting topic in the areas of science and technology. For example, if you were to start a paper today, you could write about the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, the dangers of microplastics in the ocean, or the development of commercial space flight. Check top scientific journals for the latest updates.

2.   What’s happening in politics?

If you are interested in politics, there is always something to research and write about. Even today, the United States presidential election and transfer of power is a matter of controversy. Then there are the elections in the state of Georgia.

Would you prefer to write about something global? You could examine the causes of oil prices bottoming out. Another possible topic would be the protests for fair elections in Belarus. Pay close attention to the news, and you are sure to find something to use as a jumping off point.

3.   The top concern for students at your school

What is the hot topic on campus today? If you were to poll your peers about the issues that are most concerning for them, what would they say? Write about something that truly interests other students, and you are sure to generate lots of conversation in the classroom.

Here are a few tips for finding that perfect, school-related research essay topic:

  • Check out university bulletin boards for upcoming events.
  • Read bulletins and updates from school clubs and organizations.
  • Follow various school-related boards and groups on social media.
  • Check out the most recent issues of your school’s newspaper.

4.   Dig deep into a historical event

There are historical events that happened hundreds of years ago that are still debated by scholars today. These occasions are often more complex and controversial than many people realize. If you love history, why not dig deep into an important event, and see what you uncover. Your research paper could reveal some truths that will impress your professor and peers.

It can be difficult to write about well-known events without being repetitive. Consider writing about something a bit off the beaten path. You can also look for quality example papers online. Do a bit of searching, and you will find that the best online essay services offer great example papers. This may help you with a fresh approach.

5.   Tackle a controversial topic

There’s a saying, “If it bleeds, it leads.” It means that news organizations know that the most controversial stories will always get the most interest. You can use this tendency to find a great research topic. However, you must also keep in mind that your subject must also be something that can be researched using valid sources and that is academically appropriate. It’s also important that you present a fair take on the issue. A research paper is not a place for editorializing or proselytizing. Give all the evidence a fair shake by relying on quality research sources.

Final thoughts

It’s difficult to define specific research essay ideas that will work for every student. There are just too many variables! Instead, use the five guidelines here, along with your own understanding of the expectations of your assignment. You should be able to choose a research paper idea quite easily. Author Bio: Mark Blackwood has a passion for content and is a lifelong learner. He enjoys the process of researching an interesting topic and turning that into a well-written article. As you might imagine, reading is his favourite hobby. He also enjoys volunteering with animals and playing soccer.

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