How to keep dark roast coffee fresh

dark roast coffee

If you are a fan of a hug in a mug, you probably have a huge supply of fresh dark roast coffee, either in the form of beans or blends. Also, you probably know that coffee is the best when ground and brewed just when you want to drink it. Since you probably don’t always have time for that, it’s much easier to have a pre-prepared stock that you’ll brew in no time.

Technically, coffee can’t go bad. It means that you will not be poisoned if you drink a beverage made of expired grounded beans. You may only have mild stomach problems, as this potion is known as a diuretic (find out more about this property on this website). But both blend and grains can accumulate moisture and begin the process of putrefaction and thus lose both aroma and quality.

In order to get the most out of your coffee stock, proper storage is essential. Keeping roasted beans and blends fresh requires adequate storage methods. There are some set rules about the best way to preserving that great smell and taste of your favorite beverage.

Use vacuum-sealed containers

If you are buying a commercial blend, make sure it’s in glass jars or resealable bags. That way, you will be able to store it in its original packaging. When it comes to bags, make sure to expel all air from them before closing. But in both cases, the best thing you can do is transferring the coffee into opaque containers made of materials that won’t affect the content quality, like glass and ceramic.

Storing dark roast beans in a glass container other than a freezer will help you avoid two of the most common problems: moisture and roast flavor loss. If the moisture level gets too high (near or over 50%), it can cause coffee to spoil and turn bitter. Dark roast beans are particularly prone to taste loss due to air exposure.

dark roasted coffee

No heat and light exposure

Light and heat can benefit coffee to some extent. It happens during the roasting process when the maximum taste and quality are extracted from the grain. Short-term exposure to high temperatures makes fragrant oils come to the surface. You know it happens when you smell an intoxicating smell that spreads everywhere.

After roasting, heat and light are not desirable. Beans and blends exposed to Sunlight or bulbs can go stale. If this happens, the coffee will become bitter and useless. Storing this ingredient in a dark, cool, and dry place will keep the enzymes from breaking down and preserve the taste and quality.

You could have a peek at the jar content from time to time, just to ensure no excess moisture is trapped inside the coffee. Take a few beans or a pinch of blend and rub them through your fingers. If they are dry, they’re fine. Close the container fast and make sure the seal is well-tighten.

If interested in learning the difference between light and dark roast, visit the page below:

Keep Away from ‘Smelly’ Food

Another important consideration is to keep coffee away from other foods and chemicals. This ingredient has a high absorption power, as it can pick up some potent scents like onions, fish, cheese, etc. So keep roast beans and blends separated from everything smelly. You should have a particular shelf or case where you keep your coffee-making tools and supplies, like sugar, cups, grinders, coffeemaker, etc.

Fridge or Freezer?

You might think that the fridge is an excellent place to store your coffee and keep it from souring or turning bitter. It could be an acceptable solution. Most fridges keep a constant temperature, so beans and blends won’t be exposed to temperature fluctuations. But it can pick up all those smells that can ruin its distinct taste.

The truth is, coffee and cold are not best friends. But deep-freezing is a much better option than keeping dark blends and beans in a fridge. You don’t open the freezer that often, so whole beans can stay there for up to two months.

Coffee in any form can absorb moisture and odors. That can also happen if you store it in the freezer and the storage container lets in some air. Then comes the so-called freezer burns. Its appearance makes the dark roast beans unusable because most of the flavor in them is destroyed. So, use only tested airtight containers that can be stored in the freezer.

How to Get the Most Flavor from Dark Roast Beans

Dark roast coffee
mmmmmm – Dark roast coffee!

Commercial blends usually last up to two weeks, while the whole beans can stand fresh for a couple of months with proper storage. Still, it’s best to buy small quantities of roasted coffee and grind it as needed. The whole process takes a minute with a good grinder, and you are a few more minutes away from the fresh, fragrant hug in a mug.

Remember to keep grinders and coffeemakers clean. Dirty appliances can cause excess bitterness in your coffee. If the coffeemaker is clogged, you won’t get the full taste of the blend. So give these devices a good wash and scrub after every use.

The love for coffee is not imposed but has been proven scientifically. For many, it’s almost impossible to start the day without a cup of this hot beverage. This hot drink gives you comfort, health benefits, and happiness. Proper storage allows you to get the maximum out of this ingredient and enjoy its perks to the fullest.

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