How to improve your wellbeing?

improve your wellbeing
  1. Be sociable

Nothing beats the power of one-on-one communication with friends and loved ones.  There’s an undefined and unrivaled connection/satisfaction when you talk with someone face-to-face as compared to using social networks and phone calls.

2. PRegular exercise

Physical exercise is an excellent stress buster. It also helps improve memory, emotional health and promotes good quality sleep aswell.

improve your wellbeing

3. Talk to someone who cares

Having a candid talk with someone calms the brain and nervous system much faster and better than sleeping it off.  You however want to talk to someone you can trust, and especially one that cares too. Click here to speak to a professional.

4. Act-on your senses

What helps you calm down? Does a stress ball or listening to uplifting music help? Whatever it is, you need to act now and experiment on what works best in calming you down.

5. Consider relaxation exercises

Some exercises may come in handy in calming your nerves and mind down.  These include meditation, deep breathing exercises, mindfulness, and light yoga. Consider any of these whenever feeling stressed to help uplift your spirit.

6. Take some time off

Make a habit of taking time off for improved mental and emotional health. You don’t necessarily need to go on a safari to relax, but rather enjoy the little things in life. This can be the achievements you’ve made, compliments, or the project you completed successfully.  Consider writing some of these achievements down for future reference, especially when feeling down.

7. Have a brain-healthy diet plan

It takes lots of nutrients to keep the brain fueled and healthy. That said, you want to increase your intake of foods that improve brain health. Foods rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are a must for better brain health, as are supplements like this. These include cashews, peanuts, almonds, nuts, leafy greens, beans, fresh fruits, and broccoli.

8. Get enough sleep

Sleep is one of the essentials for a healthy mind and soul. Sleep and health experts advise us to get at least 7 hours of good quality sleep every day.  This, however, means staying away from digital screens that produce blue light, which inhibits sleep. You thus might want to do away with the smartphones and computers at least 3 hours to bedtime.

9. Find And Have A Purpose

There are several ways to approach this. You can try:

A: Spending quality time in the company of the people you love

B: Volunteering at a local community centre

C: Care for others

By having a purpose in life,  it will be possible to appreciate even the smallest things and avoid stress and depression.

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