Kratom strain guide: Your ultimate guide to the Red, White, and Green

Kratom strain guide

Kratom strain guide – Kratom is actually a tree you’ll find growing naturally in Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. People take Kratom because it feels good. But if you don’t get the right strain, you won’t get the exact version of “feeling good” you’re looking for.


You deserve to experience the positive effects of kratom. Therefore, you’re better off learning about the benefits of the different strains out there.

Use this Kratom strain guide to learn more about which strains of Kratom are available.

What is Red Kratom?

Red Kratom is one of the more common types of Kratom you’ll run into. It’s called “Red Kratom” because these Kratom leaves have red stems and veins. This strain derives from Southeast Asia and sells more than other kinds of Kratom do.

This type of kratom is good for beginners. The effects are calming, pleasant, and promote feelings of wellness and optimism. It also relaxes your muscles and helps with pain relief.

People who are in recovery from opiate addiction use red kratom to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Out of all kratom strains, Bali red induces the feeling that’s most comparable to opioids.

White Kratom: The Kratom Strain Guide Superstar

White Kratom is known for boosting mood, concentration, and energy levels. People compare white Kratom’s sensation to how you feel after you take stimulants.

This form of Kratom has white veins on its leaves. It’s these white veins that carry white Kratom’s euphoric properties. It’s so energizing that some people opt to take a low dosage in the morning instead of coffee.

If you’re interested in trying white Kratom strains, we recommend starting with a small dosage of white vein maeng da Kratom. It’s some of the most potent Kratom on the market.

Whatever you do, don’t take White Kratom too late in the day or else it could negatively affect your sleep schedule.

What is Green Kratom?

Green Kratom is a happy medium between Red and White Kratom. Plus, it doesn’t induce drowsiness as other strains do.

People who’ve taken green kratom claim it helps them deal with social fears and anxiety. That’s why people like to take it recreationally or when they’re attending a party.

(Disclaimer: Never drink alcohol while taking Kratom.)

Use Green Kratom to experience pain relief without getting drowsy. You can also use it to improve and sophisticate the effects of Red or White Kratom.

Keep calm and chill out with Kratom

Marc Swogger is an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York who published a study on Kratom. He told Live Science that Kratom appears to be a good analgesic/painkiller. That’s proof that a Kratom strain guide like this is no joke!

If you want to learn more about dosages, check out a kratom strains chart. It’ll tell you how potent each strain is and what to expect from a specific dosage.

Invest in yourself, read more of our articles about health. Your body will thank you for it.

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