Here is how to improve your winter vaping experience

winter vaping

‘Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit,’ says an avid vaper who can’t resist it even in extremely cold weather. Instead, vapers claim to love vaping the most in the winter season. Why? Well, it keeps them warm from inside out while helping them enjoy the chilled and windy days in complete relaxation. Resulting, we see more and more herb consumers turning toward vaping in the winter season.

Vaping – A surreal experience

Vaping is an alternative to smoking herb or nicotine. By the time researchers have ensured that vaping marijuana is safer and better than nicotine or any other tobacco substance, people are looking forward to vaping weed the most.

If you want to experience vaping or have been doing it while encountering some issues under low temperature, here are some essential secrets waiting for you.

  1. Warm devices work the best – The vaping device is the secret key to a surreal vaping experience in the chilled winters. Before you start using the vaping device or glass pipe, make sure to keep it warm for a while. If possible, keep it warm even if it is not in use; this can enrich the taste and overall flavour of the herb used in vaping tools. People who use e-liquids in the vaping tools tend to witness a frozen layer of e-liquids ruining the taste and experience. All types of e-liquids come with a lower freezing point as compared to water. This thickens the liquid restricting the fresh liquid poured stick to the thickened area. Resulting, you don’t get enough flavour of e-liquids to inhale. And in case you are going for an e-cigarette, it may fail to give you a good battery backup to stay for even a day longer. Therefore, researchers suggest going for good quality glass pipes that do not encounter any battery life issues.
  1. Neglect long draws – Colder temperatures affect the vaping experience due to throat and heat hit. This means the heat generated through the vaping process is not as intense as required. Several studies and research papers are available to help you learn more about how it affects your vaping experience. Here, you must try to avoid your preference for extra-long draws in between the vapes. Drawing after a long break can end up reducing the atomizer and battery life.
  1. Get good lip care – yes, chapped lips can be one of the reasons hampering your experience. First, try to reduce the exposure of lips to frigid temperatures, which can take a toll on your vaping process. And then use a moisturizing lip balm that keeps your lips soft and sturdy enough to bear extreme wind chills.

The last word –

People vape to enter the world of true happiness while relieving stress and depression. But due to the low temperature in the winter season, people often experience the reduced impact of vaping herbs. Where vapers see it as a major hurdle in their vaping experience, using some smart hacks like keeping the vaping device warm can be resolved. Give it a try and relish your vaping experience to the best.

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