How to make E-liquid


Various e-liquid flavours are available online. However, if you have been using such flavours for so long, chances are you have grown tired of these. Some people may also have their own ideas of vape juice flavours that. That’s why it’s a great idea to learn the fine art of e-juice making. Creating your own e-juice may be fun or frustrating. This depends largely on your knowledge of the process.

What are the elements you need for you to get started?

The first thing you have to make sure of is to have a complete set of ingredients and tools for mixing them. The chemistry involved in making e-liquid is basic and a blowup cannot be expected to happen, but still, it is crucial to practice safety in the process.

There are five ingredients required to make an e-liquid. These are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), diluted nicotine, e-juice flavour extract, and vodka or distilled water. It is possible not to use nicotine and vodka so the essential items are PG/VG base and flavouring.

Propylene glycol (PG) is the most preferred base liquid of most vapers. This is an FDA-approved organic chemical that has no odour and colour and is used in numerous products like foods, tobacco, and more. Vegetable glycerin (VG), on the other hand, is a natural liquid extract that comes from vegetables. It is more viscous or thicker and has a sweet tinge. PG does not have a major impact on the e-juice but VG has and it can be positive or negative. Flavouring is available in several varieties. However, it is recommended that flavours are intended for inhaling instead of using food flavourings. In using a particular flavour, be sure to read the labels and figure out how this will impact the mix.

What are mixing supplies to have for creating an e-liquid?

Empty plastic bottles with childproof caps, tissue paper or napkins, a pair of working gloves, syringes, and goggles or face shields. A plastic bottle is a great investment for beginners. This will also make sure that you have a clean bottle each time you make a vape juice which can be difficult to have when you use large bottles that may be hard to clean. To ensure accurate measurements, allot a syringe for every ingredient. Label each one and use this particular syringe only for a specific ingredient. It is also helpful when you use bottles that have tiny openings. A pair of gloves and goggles can provide protection from the nicotine juice that can irritate the eyes and skin.

What are the steps to follow in creating a vape juice?

First, you have to gather all the ingredients and supplies needed for the process. Then you have to measure the vape fluid measurements. These include nicotine strength, VG and PG ratio, the desired volume, viscosity of the PG or VG, etc. You may want to use a vape calculator while doing this. Next thing is to create the base mixture. Extract the determined PG and VG amounts using the syringes and add them to the beaker or bottle you want to use. The next step is the part where most of the experimentation takes place. This is because you have to decide the intensity of the flavour. As a general rule, 5 percent of concentrates result in a subtle flavour while 20 percent is considered by many vapers as the upper limit. This means the flavour can be too powerful or too sweet for some. Adding nicotine must be done with extra caution. Following the wrong dosage may result in a vape juice that can be too powerful or overwhelming to your senses. Nicotine strength has to be based on the intended volume of e-juice you plan to make. You also have to consider whether the e-liquid you want is PG or VG centric or if you want to have a smooth nicotine strength or a nic salt. Once you have everything in the beaker, stir the ingredients well for a proper mix. Get a new syringe to transfer the e-liquid mix from the beaker to the bottles for storage. When there are multiple bottles to use for storage make sure that the mixture in the beaker is stirred well to ensure the same consistency in all of them. The final step is steeping. Place the bottles of vape juice in a dark and cold area like the cupboard with the lids off. Letting the vape juice breathe will give it a darker colour and a more powerful flavour.

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