How to make the transition from live casinos to online play


Do you want to add on some thrill in your casino games? Are you looking for the best online site to switch from brick and mortar casino to online games?

If you are new in this sector, a Casinos Analyzer will help you select the best out of a thousand online casinos and gambling sites. If you are an experienced gambler but now wants to transit your games from brick and mortar casino buildings to comfortable online gambling sites.

The transition from live casinos to various online sites will be fascinating for our gambling players. You will benefit from online games like you can play anytime, from anywhere with complete comfort. There can be any reason for you all to transiting your casino to online gaming sites, but you must follow some steps to stay long into it.

Here we have brought up some tips for getting into the online casino and gambling industry for the first time or switching live casinos to online play.

  1. Do not use official email address for casino sites:

All the casinos and gambling players should use a brand new email address not used for any other official work. It will not let any other person try to sign up into your email address. Hackers can get plenty of information on your email account with your email address.

To avoid any fraud or hacking of your email address, you must make sure to use a new and unused email address. It will help in securing your prominent and essential data.

  • Never use public wireless network:

Most of us think of using public Wi-Fi for different reasons, but we must avoid doing this in online casino sites. We know that we can enjoy our favourite casino games anywhere and anytime through a laptop, desktop, or any mobile device easily, but we must try to play safely in all cases.

We recommend you do so because the Wi-Fi network’s real operator will be able to get the information you have entered while signing into your casino sites, such as username, password, or even your activities doing through that internet connection. All this information is enough for the third part to get into your account quickly.

  • Don’t set your casino accounts to log in automatically:

Whether you play on your laptop, PC, mobile phones, or tablet, you must never allow your casino account to log in automatically. There are many disadvantages of doing so, like you may lose thousands of your real money through that account if any other person by mistake loads any casino game.

 You must know that the casino site will not be able to return your funds after that. Moreover, suppose any other person gets access to your account by hacking or any other fake activity. In that case, you are giving them access to all your finances through an automatic login option. You would have never wanted this to happen to you.

  • Check properly the pay tables of video poker:

You have seen many video poker machines whose payout table is almost 100% for those playing with a perfect strategy in a land-based casino. If you switch towards online casino sites, you will get many similar games like this. There can be some changes in the games that will keep you away from all the benefits.

Online pay tables can pay you more than 100% payout most of the time, but you will also be able to see that some points have decreased their payouts from the level of 100%. You can see the payout range for about 99.0 to 99.5 for most video poker games. While for some fun, you may get higher payouts of 99.6 or 99.7.

  • Go through the requirements before paying for the game:

Rewards of the game you play depend on the wagering requirements of the game. Those people who do not play the games have less interacted with these playing requirements. When they do not get rewarded from the game, they start abusing the deals without going through the terms and conditions.

Usually, a wagering requirement may include a minimum of 20 times the total bonus and what you have deposited. These requirements are not that tough to understand about the game, but if you do not understand and play according to that, you will get stuck in a position where the site will no longer reward you.

  • Check out all the game instructions before starting it:

You must probably be looking for a game of your interest through online casino sites, along with the benefits of more bonuses and rewards you can get out of that. Some games include such terms and conditions regarding bonuses to avoid trying these games after understanding the requirements.

Moreover, many table games will have different terms and conditions for a bonus that will allow you to play those titles easily. Some players do not check the requirements of fun and its prizes, which is the most common mistake most players make when they transit their brick and mortar casino to online casino games.

  • Never trust promotions and deals easily:

Many online casino sites must be offering many exciting deals about bonuses and rewards a player will get after signing into the online platform. It would be helpful if you did not get distracted over such promotions. Despite getting attracted to the site’s immediate offers, you must look for good long-term deals in a perfect casino site. If you don’t want to stay with one platform for a long time, those immediate offers are reasonable.

Simultaneously, if someone is looking for an online casino site with which they can forward for a long time stay, you must look for an online platform that gives you better game collection, terms and conditions, and long term offers. You may also look for loyalty programs, regular amazing offers, and continuous promotions at the best site you will play with at the casino.


Now you must have to understand the large differences between online and offline casinos and gambling sites. So, if you don’t want to lose your funds and bonuses, you are required to go through the differences properly and then make the transition from live casinos to online play.

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