How to properly deal with excess stuff that you don’t want to throw away?

How to properly deal with excess stuff

It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves in a situation where they’re left with more stuff than they know what to do with.  From clothes, furniture, and electronics to old toys and other various sentimental items from the past, sometimes it can feel like there is just too much stuff lying around occupying space in your home. And if you happen to live alone or have a small family, then this problem may seem even worse.

Not only will all of that extra junk take up valuable living space, but chances are it’ll start piling up as well – giving off an overwhelming feeling that makes you want nothing more than for it all to leave so that you can breathe again. And at the same time, you don’t want to throw them away. So, how do you deal with stuff you don’t want to throw away? Find out below.

Keep them in a rented storage unit

It’s time to declutter your house, but you can’t bring yourself to throw away some items, and leaving them in the house isn’t an option either. What do you do? Turn to storage rentals. Not only are you able to keep all of your items in one place, but they will also be kept safe and secure for you as well.

Be sure to choose a storage unit that is near your home, so you won’t have to travel far every time you need something. And if this isn’t an option, then consider renting a storage unit elsewhere and ship them over – just make sure the items are well-packed and secure before doing so.

Sell them online

Who says that you have to throw away your old stuff just because it’s no longer being used? If you’ve got old electronics, clothes, or other items that are still functional, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make some money off of them. Why not think of starting a small business with what you have?

After all, selling unwanted items is the easiest way to earn extra cash these days – just be sure to take a good, hard look at it first. And make sure that everything is cleaned up and in good condition before you list them online.

Donate them

While selling your old things may seem like an easy way to make some cash, donating them gives you the opportunity to help others in need instead. And if this isn’t an option either, then find someone in your local community who could use some of these items and give it to them personally. You might end up making a new friend in the process and doing some good at the same time.

Donating is far better than throwing them away since you’re giving them to people who need it while also helping the environment at the same time. Not to mention, it might even help you sleep better at night knowing that your old stuff helped someone out instead of sitting in a landfill somewhere.

Recycle them if possible

If donating your old things isn’t possible or practical, then look into recycling them instead. Throwing stuff away is not always environmentally friendly and can even lead to water and air pollution. Instead, try your best to recycle what you can – such as electronics, and do your part for the environment.

It may not make you feel good, but it’s surely better than throwing away items that can be reused another way. There are plenty of different ways that you can recycle most items – from plastic bottles to scrap metal, many are able to be recycled one way or another. And some places might even pay you for the privilege of recycling it for you.

Think of creative ways to use them

If the points listed above aren’t appealing enough to you, then it’s time to get creative. After all, you can easily use some of these items in other ways – even if they are worn out or no longer functional. For example, think about what you can make with an old shirt or a pair of pants that you don’t want.

There are designs that can be created with old clothes or containers – making them into tote bags, pencil holders, and more. Even your car’s old tires can be turned into planters, beautiful seats, and stepping stones. Do some research on how to use your old things in creative ways, or even try creating something new yourself. Just don’t throw them away.

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to store your old items, sell them online, donate them, recycle what you can, or try using them in a creative way? It’s up to you, but no matter the case, don’t throw away your old stuff when there are so many other environmentally friendly options.

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