How to report copyright infringement: These are your options

copyright infringement

Any time you create an original piece of content, you should think about copyrighting it. Securing a copyright for a photograph, an e-book, a song, or something else will prevent others from being able to use it and make a profit from it.

But just because you go through the trouble of copyrighting something doesn’t mean someone won’t come along and try to steal it. It’s why you’ll need to be on the lookout for copyright infringement at all times.

You’ll also need to know how to report copyright infringement just in case someone decides to steal your content. There are copyright infringement cases that play out all the time all across the country.

Would you like to learn how to report copyright infringement so that you can protect your original content? Check out the steps you’ll need to take to do it below.

Put Together Proof of Copyright Infringement

If you notice that someone has committed copyright infringement by stealing content that you’ve copyrighted, you should begin by gathering proof of it. This proof should include everything from links to the copyright infringement that has occurred to screenshots that showcase the copyright infringement that’s going on.

The more proof that you’re able to gather showing copyright infringement, the better off you’ll be. You will have an opportunity to build a much stronger case for yourself when you can provide proof showing that someone stole copyrighted content from you in an attempt to use it for their own personal gain.

File a DMCA Takedown

Once you’re done gathering proof of copyright infringement, it’ll be time for you to touch base with the entity that has stolen your content to ask them to take it down. More often than not, you can solve a copyright issue by simply taking this step.

You will want to file what is called a DMCA takedown. DMCA is short for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This is a copyright law that was put in place in the late 1990s to protect copyrighted works online.

You can file a DMCA takedown right online and have it sent in the direction of the person who used your copyrighted content. In a perfect world, they’ll receive this DMCA takedown and do the right thing by removing your copyrighted content and letting you know it has been taken down.

Hire a Lawyer Who Handles Copyright Infringement Cases

If you file a DMCA takedown and aren’t able to get anywhere with it, you might need to bring in a lawyer to help you out. Ideally, you should search for entertainment lawyers who understand copyright infringement law inside and out.

A good entertainment lawyer will be able to send out a cease and desist letter to the person who stole your copyrighted content and used it to their own benefit. This letter should do enough to scare them into taking it down.

An entertainment lawyer will also be able to help you take further action against someone who has violated your copyright if they aren’t able to get them to remove your content. They can explain how to report copyright infringement further to you.

Report Copyright Infringement to the Appropriate Places

You should do more than just take legal action against someone who has infringed on one of your copyrights. You should also report this person to the appropriate places.

First and foremost, you should let the web host who is hosting a website with copyrighted content on it know about the infringement. Most web hosts have rules and regulations in place that are designed to stop websites from using copyrighted content.

If your copyrighted content was used on a social media platform, you should also let this social media company know about it. Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media companies have strict copyright policies in place.

You might even want to go as far as to report copyright infringement to your local authorities. They much not be able to do much to help you get your copyrighted content taken down. But at the very least, they will create a record showing the date when you reported copyright infringement as this could come in handy later on.

Keep an Eye Out for Copyright Infringement

As long as you know how to report copyright infringement and how to file a copyright infringement notice, you should be able to get copyrighted content taken down when others steal it. But looking out for copyright infringement will be a full-time job.

You should constantly patrol the internet for potential copyright infringement. You never know when someone might try to take your content and claim it as their own.

Unfortunately, there isn’t going to be anyone else out there looking after the content you’ve obtained copyrights for. You’ll need to serve as your own advocate. Make sure you’re always monitoring what’s happening online to see if you’ve become a copyright infringement victim.

Knowing How to Report Copyright Infringement Is Important

You’ve worked hard to create your own original content. So you shouldn’t let someone else come along and use it to their advantage.

You should know how to report copyright infringement. You should also look out for your original content online and have it taken down off other websites at all costs. It’s the only surefire way to be sure your content is protected and only profitable for you.

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