If you commute daily by car you should be aware of these useful tips

commute daily

Unfortunately, if you commute daily, the inevitable companion of frequent car use is the increase in traffic accidents on the roads, which often result in serious injuries or fatal consequences.

Their safety, the safety of those closest to them, as well as the safety of all other road users, is something that drivers must keep in mind at all times. Regardless of driving skills and length of driving experience, from time to time, it is necessary to remember basic safety rules while driving, especially when it comes to frequent or long trips.

If you commute daily by car, follow these useful tips we have prepared for you to maintain the safety of you and others.

Commute daily by car

Obey all traffic rules and traffic signals on the road and try to be patient

Many traffic accidents are caused by impatient drivers rushing to get from point A to point B.

Time spent on the road is certainly important and is a significant factor that determines the comfort of a trip, but keep in mind that safety is more important. If you are involved in a traffic accident, no matter how small and without consequences, it will certainly take you much longer to reach your desired destination than if you had driven slowly and patiently.

Every time you want to speed up your way to your desired destination, remember that the most important thing is to get there safely, regardless of whether you are alone or with your family.

Avoid anything that can interfere with your concentration while driving

During the trip, try to be as concentrated as possible. The use of a mobile phone – talking and typing messages on the phone – is one of the significant risk factors for traffic accidents. Let’s say, using the phone can be just one of the ways you can get involved in a truck accident, which can be fatal for you. Even if you are not injured, you would need a good lawyer to get the least possible penalty for such negligence.

Phones aren’t the only dangerous distraction drivers should avoid while driving. Changing CDs, consuming food and drinks while driving, and intense interaction (talking) with passengers are just a few examples of distractions you should avoid while driving.

Save the brake as much as you can

Avoid constant pressure on the brake pedal when going downhill, but try to slow down your car and save your tires and discs by driving more moderately and downshifting. Also, use the handbrake only in necessary situations. And that is the situation in which the car is on uneven ground.

There is no need to use the handbrake on flat ground and waste the brakes when it is enough to put the car in gear and leave it like that.

These are some of the smart driving habits you can use to give your car a longer life.

Drive safely, not fast

Obey existing speed limits. Keep in mind that speeding is the cause of every second fatality in traffic accidents. The chance of causing a traffic accident increases with every mile driven over the speed limit.

Be sure to adjust your speed to the weather conditions on the road. In the case of bad weather conditions, extra caution is necessary, and the speed should be adapted to the road conditions.

When are you entitled to compensation for traffic damage?

Traffic damage compensation represents financial compensation for all those who are materially or immaterially damaged in a traffic accident. Although this type of collection is legally guaranteed, many insurance companies tend not to recognize the legal basis of damage or tend to reduce their compensation obligation.

Financial compensation based on the auto liability insurance policy, i.e., compensation for insurance damage, is available to all injured persons in traffic as well as to the perpetrator of the accident – if he or she, in addition to the aforementioned policy, also has voluntary accident insurance for the driver and passengers.

Tire Maintenance and Care

Tires, as the connection between the car and the ground, determine your safety while driving as well as the safety of other road users. That is why it is necessary to regularly maintain the quality of tires at an enviable level.

There are several ways in which you can independently influence the longevity of your car’s tires. So, with the help of compressors designed for inflating tires, you can achieve optimal tire pressure when you notice that the tire is not inflated according to regulations.

These are some of the smart driving habits that you can use to make your car safer and maintain it. As you have seen, these are not crucial and big things that need to be changed, but they are of great importance.

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