Local businesses support West Island Community Shares


West Island Community Shares is proud to announce that it is kicking off the Light Up Our Community holiday campaign on GivingTuesday, which takes place on November 28th.

 GivingTuesday is a movement for giving and volunteering, held each year after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The opening day of the giving season,it is a time when charities, companies and individuals join together and rally for favourite causes. In the West Island, stores, cafés, restaurants and businesses are joining together to support West Island Community Shares.

 It is really heartwarming to see local shops mobilize to support our community on GivingTuesday,said Leanne Bayer, Executive Director, West Island Community Shares. Several cafés are donating $1/coffee sold. Many stores, businesses and art galleries are participating and offering easy and fun ways for West Islanders to give back to their community on November 28th.€ 


 West Island Community Shares plays an important role in our community and we are happy to support its GivingTuesday initiative,said Cary Devine of Duke and Devine’s Irish Pubs. Duke and Devine’s in Beaconsfield is donating $1 for each Beau’s beer sold, not only on GivingTuesday but throughout the month of November.€

 Some companies have opted to participate by making a monetary donation. 100% of all the funds raised on GivingTuesday will go to the 41 local charities that West Island Community Shares supports.




Boulangerie Miss Manitts

452 Beaconsfield Boul.

20% of sales on November 28th

Duke and Devine’s Irish Pub

479 Beaconsfield Blvd.

$1/Beau’s Beer whole month of November 


Salon Vibes
4174 boul. St-Jean


Boustan Restaurant

3780 St Charles Blvd

$1/trio sold

Boutique Sorella

2979 St-Charles

$1/soup sold


Botanix Jardins Cléroux Inc.

$18/poinsettia (orders of 5-25 plants)

$17/poinsettia (orders of 26 or more)
Order forms available: www.communityshares.ca

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