My five tips in writing essay


Essays that you write based on your own experiences and feelings are friendly and can be read casually. In terms of writing, it is much easier to write than novels and practical books, and many people may dream that “I want to publish my essays someday”.

However, there is a high risk that it will become an ordinary work just by spelling what I thought was sensible. So today, I will introduce five tips to finish your essay:

  1. Write an experience that no one else has

If you have an experience that other people do not have, such as “walking around Belgium on foot” or “having 20 career changes”, that alone becomes a weapon. If you get lost in choosing an essay topic, you may want to pick a rare event that you can write for yourself. Each topic can come from anywhere; all is possible until you realize that there are too many obstacles to developing the topic. Make sure you choose a unique topic, which if you can attract the attention of people to read. If you do this step correctly then you have passed your first stage successfully.

  1. Develop your own ideas and theories

You don’t have to give up just because you don’t have the special experience mentioned above.
Even in ordinary everyday life and universal matters, if you can express your own thoughts and opinions clearly, it will be a fine work. On the contrary, in the work which only arranges events or citations someone’s idea, it does not know what you want to convey, it makes the reader easy. Don’t be embarrassed if you put out an idea that might sound strange. You must believe what you are running; at least, you do not damage it with a myriad of doubts that might arise when you continue your steps on the body of the essay. If you experience difficulties, you can request help online from an

  1. Devise how to show

    Once you have decided what to write, the next part is “How to make it look”. It may be better to decide on a concept and put it together, or try to relate it to your own area of ​​expertise. For example, combine with original illustrations. With a few illustrations, you can make your essay “more alive”. That means you add “signs of life” to the string of words that might be boring for some people. You can also add some quotes from famous figures to support what is called the credibility of an essay. Of course you have to make sure, every quote that is listed must support or at least not conflict with the opinions that you convey.

  2. Learn the format that applies

An essay is a serious paper. This means that you still have to follow certain rules such as the introduction, body essay and conclusion. In making an introduction, you must explain why you choose your topic. To find out, the introduction is the first part that becomes the foundation of your essay. Without a strong foundation, all the next words will end without meaning. Body essay is the part where you spill all your ideas. You may have to write more details in this section. Whereas the conclusion is a persuasive conclusion. That is to say by writing a conclusion, you are able to invite your reader to agree to whatever you have written in the previous sections.


  1. Just write!

    All the above theories will not be useful if you do not write immediately. Write your essay as soon as possible so you will enter your workflow.

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