Online vs. Traditional Casinos – Where do we Stand?

Online vs. Traditional Casinos – There are few business models out there which are as well established at this point as the traditional casino. Tracing routes from ancient China to Europe and beyond, there has always been a call for this type of gaming. In the modern age, however, internet casinos have made incredible strides in catching their offline counterparts. In this article, we’ll look at what has changed to make this possible, where the two stand apart, and what we might expect in the future.

Why Online?

The early days of the internet were painful in their slowness. As the old standard of dial-up systems started to be phased out, this pain waned, opening up entirely new avenues for entertainment and information. This meant an environment where dynamic minds could create new businesses, and extend the old into places which they had never gone before. Among these was the advent of the internet casino. As popular and profitable as these quickly proved to be, it was only natural that the rest of the online and gaming world would take notice.

The chief appeal, in many ways, started out as a means of convenience. While there are obviously large cities like Las Vegas which offer a great many casinos, there are a lot of us out there who live far outside a reasonable travel range of anything amazing. Do you want to play from your home out in the country? Now you can! Snowed in? Just check out an online casino in Canada and get going – it really can be as simple as that.


As technology involving both internet bandwidth and general computer power improved, the possibilities of the online games opened up to something new and special. While land-based casinos were inherently limited by the costly use of physical machines and the limitations which these implied, software-driven games were another beast entirely. This lead to a focus on bringing new and unique spins to classic games, such as the now enormous market for themed slot games, as well as modified versions of live games which would not have been possible on physical tables or casino floors.

In this way, online casinos had another distinct advantage over their grounded counterparts, with many offering a variety which utterly superseded that of any major real-life casino. Offer no dress code, the ability to play from home, and have an enormous variety on offer, and it is only natural to see how these have done so well. Even this evolution was not yet done, as the advent and popularisation of smartphones and their related apps gave online casino customers yet another means of access.

Room Enough for Two

While it is obvious that the online casino business has become a force over the recent years, we don’t expect this will fully replace land-based casinos. The appeal of being among other gamblers, of playing against them and being out and about brings something more to the table, something which even the best new live-streaming and VR technology is yet to properly emulate. While it is possible that more land-based casinos will expand into the online domain, we expect the future to be one of more indirect competition. Neither of these forms of gaming are going anywhere, which leaves us to wonder what they might come up with next.

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