PROFILE: Lisette L – Finding the Perfect Fit


By Alyssa De Rosa


When a woman finds a pair of pants that fit right, she’ll swear by them. That’s exactly what Lisette L’s clientele have been doing for the past 12 years including big time celebrities Kathie Lee Gifford and Oprah. Yes, Oprah! In the span of six months Lisette L’s pants were featured in “O magazine” for both the October and March covers. Oprah loves them and she has every reason to.

What first began as any regular sales job immediately turned into one woman’s vision for designing clothes for baby boomers. “I wanted to make a line where the fit is right. It first started as a project to create a pair of pants that older women can wear. I want to be in style but I don’t want to look 20 either,” designer Lisette explains.

oprah  These multi-generational pants are a hit with women over 30 as well as young women like myself in their twenties.

Reaching this level of success didn’t happen overnight. It took Lisette and her family months and months of knocking on people’s doors across Canada and the United States in hopes of selling their pants. Now, their pants are being sold in independent boutiques in Canada and the U.S retailing between $110.00 – $129.00.

The reason behind Lisette L’s success is the product itself. The pants flatter women of any size, shape and height. They are designed with a tummy control mesh on the inside and come in all colors and patterns. “They are the types of pants that you and your mom can wear together.”

When Kathie Lee Gifford went to Florida she stopped by a boutique and picked up a pair of Lisette L pants. The next day on the Today show she was raving about the pants and said “these pants fit like a dream.” This plug immediately created buzz in the United States and everyone wanted to get their hands on these hot fitting pants.  Kathie Lee told her viewers to head to the boutique and pick up a pair! Following that, Lisette L was invited to the Montreal taping of the Today show and Kathie Lee once again began bragging about the pants. For her 60th birthday, Lisette L pants were featured as part of her “favorite things” on the Today Show.

Oprah got her hands on a pair of Lisette L pants when she was working on a photo shoot for the cover of her October issue. Lisette L sent sizes to Oprah, she tried them, loved them and kept them all which is rare since celebrities usually return the clothing after a shoot. She loved the pants so much so that her and her team invited Lisette L and her husband Neil Small to California to meet Oprah. “She’s unbelievable this woman,” Lisette says while describing the Queen we all know and love as Oprah. “She looks at you and gives you her undivided attention.”

oprah2Oprah took the brand under her wing and offered Lisette L great publicity and exposure. To thank her the team videotaped a “Thank You” message for Oprah which she appreciated. Since appearing on O magazine, the demand for Lisette L pants has been growing, both in the U.S and Canada. The brand has two divisions – Lisette L Sport which is sold exclusively to golf houses and the Lisette L Essentials/Fashion line which include the famous pants, blazers, skirts, capris and other pieces.

Sizes range between 0 to 16 and are only sold in independent boutiques. To find out where you can get a pair visit and click on “store locator.” Trust me, you’ll want a pair. I had the honor of receiving a pair from the Fashion line – Medallion – a white pant with a black and white pattern. They fit perfectly and made my butt look great! Not only am I raving about them but magazines like Good Housekeeping, More, Elle and many others can’t get enough. “I am crazy for these pants!” –Fashion Director of Good Housekeeping Jasmine H. Chang.

What sets Lisette L apart from other brands is the ability to connect and be close to her customers. It’s about a relationship and you can sense that the minute you walk into the building. This family run business with her husband, son and daughter means so much to them. The second I walked in I felt like I was in someone’s home – welcoming, genuine and honest.

Keep your eyes peeled because for the next couple of months Lisette L has a couple of television interviews and some exciting news to share!

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