The 7 Biggest casino wins of all time

7 Biggest Casino Wins

Every gambler has a vision of a big win when they hit the casinos or bet online at the top providers in the Canadian casino industry. Since Canadian operators like Mr Green or Royal Vegas already offer huge bonuses for the first registration, part of the fun of the game is chasing that last big win – especially considering that playing in online casinos in Canada is at least not illegal. But, for most of us, a win like these described below can seem like an impossible dream. However, there is always a chance that your next winning streak will put you on this list…

The slots is one of the 7 biggest casino wins.

The biggest slot win

Slots are not considered as a smart option for many serious gamblers, however, it’s definitely possible to win big if you have time and the cents. When an LA software engineer entered Excalibur, a Vegas casino, in 2003 nobody would have thought he would be leaving a multi-millionaire. However, after wagering $100 on Megabucks, he secured himself a tidy sum of $39.7 million which was paid out in 25 annual instalments each worth $1.5 million.

From world war II vet to winner

Nowadays there are more options than ever for those looking to win big, but this next winner only had the opportunity to gamble in Vegas casinos which as you will see he took full advantage of. After earning his stripes in World War II, Elmer Sherwin spent his retirement enjoying himself with a little gambling. His first big win came in 1989 at the Vegas-casino Mirage. Just 10 hours after the casino first opened to the public, Elmer scored the jackpot of $4.6 million. However, his luck had by no means run out. 16 years later, when Elmer was 92, he took home a further $21.14 million – this was a bet that had one in fifty million odds of coming in. It’s crazy to think how quickly Elmer could have topped these winnings in today’s world of internet gambling.

One big spin

When Johanna Heundl visited Bally’s casino she could never have guessed how quickly her whole world would be transformed. Her first bet was on Megabucks, where she threw down $170 which was a bold bet for a first-timer like Johanna. However, her bravery quickly paid off and she took home a staggering $22.6 million from the lucky spin.

A final flight of fortune

When this 67-year-old retired flight attendant headed to the Palace Station Hotel’s casino in Las Vegas, she could never have guessed what was waiting in the wings for her. After initial success with a $680,000 win on a Wheel of Fortune some months earlier, this winning lady had entered the casino with a plan to blow $100 on Megabucks Slot Machine to see if her luck would continue. Needless to say, it did. She left the casino a happy woman having bet $300 and taken home $27 million.

A fairy-tale win gone wrong

Cynthia Jay-Brennan made history during a casino trip for her mother-in-law’s birthday. A casino novice she tried her luck at the Megabucks Slot Machine and on her 9th try she earned her big win, taking home $34.95 million which at the time was the largest Megabucks Jackpot ever. Cynthia promptly quit her job, married the love of her life and they set out to travel the world together. However, her luck was short-lived. Just a few weeks after the win, she was involved in a major car accident with her much-loved sister. Her sister was killed on the tragic day and Cynthia was irreparably paralyzed from the chest down.

Far from wasting time

Many casino visitors arrive on a whim to kill some time and have little expectation of winning at all, let alone becoming millionaires. This was certainly the case for one 25-year-old man at Excalibur casino, who was there while waiting for a basketball game to start. With a small $100 investment he casually hit the video slot machines. With the odds of winning big at 16.7 million to one, this nonchalant gambler left a rich man with a $39.7 million that was paid out in $1.5 million annual instalments for the next 25 years.

A high-stakes streak

This next gambler was well-known for his high-stakes betting and was a major player in the USA poker scene. Archie Karas’s most famous win came after a huge loss of $2 million in a LA poker game. Most gamblers may have been put off by such tragedy, but Archie was not to be discouraged, heading off to his Las Vegas game with just $50 to bet. Fortunately for Archie, he bumped into an old friend at Binion’s Horseshoe casino who lent him $10,000 so he could play the upcoming high-stakes game.

Just 3 hours later, Archie had won $17 million and was able to pay back his debt with 50% interest. This amazing lucky streak stuck with Archie for a further 3 years, leaving him with $40 million of winnings. But, when his luck finally did run out he quickly lost a quarter of the money in just 3 weeks of craps games, $2 million in a poker game and the rest on high-stakes baccarat.

Luck like this could be waiting on the table for any lucky gambler. So, if this list of winners has piqued your interest, this could be the inspiration for your next winning streak and have some fun on an online casino.

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