The A-list of gambling legends


Want to be one of the Mega Vegas big winners – a gambling legends? Well, first you should take a look at Las Vegas and other gambling hubs’ biggest wins to date, to give you that little bit more inspiration to reach for the grand prize! Keep on reading as we take you through some of the most impressive hauls from some of the biggest casinos in the world!

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is a widely known casino in the heart of Las Vegas, famous for its flashy machines and buzzing gaming tables. But it is also the place where Australian billionaire Kerry Packer further added to his fortune! Packer visited the Grand casino one evening and fancied a game of Baccarat – a game which is played between the two hands of the player and the banker – which he followed with a game of Blackjack. That night, the lucky chap won so much that the actual total of his winnings is unknown. The closest we can get is an estimate of between $20 and $40 million, some of which Parker used to tip his waiter and waitress rather generously. Kerry Packer was thought to be the richest person in Australia, before his death in 2005, with an impressive fortune of over $6 billion!


Another Las Vegas casino where an impressive loot was earnt is the famous Excalibur. Here, in March 2003, a 25-year-old engineer from Los Angeles paid a visit to Vegas to support his favourite basketball team. To kill a little bit of time before the game, he decided to pop down to the casino and have a few spins on the slot machine. Having spent just $100, the jackpot sign began to flash and a phenomenal total of $39,713,982.25 was quick to rack up for this anonymous player. The engineer decided to keep his identity unknown, as well as asking the casino to drip-feed his winnings to him, in the form of approximately $1,500,000 per year.


Based in London, Fifty is one of the most famous casinos in the world. Mike Ashley, a well-known billionaire and owner of Newcastle United Football Club, visited the casino to let off a little bit of steam. And, within less than 15 minutes, Ashley was winning big from betting on only one number alone on Blackjack – the number 17! It may seem like pocket change to someone as rich as Ashley, but we think anyone would be rather chuffed to land a windfall of $1.6 million!

Monte Carlo

Roulette came through once again for Charles Wells, a well-known player amongst avid fans of the classic game. With a win of one million francs, Wells truly broke the bank at Monte Carlo, with his name going down in the history books. All this took place in July 1891, when Wells threw all that he had into a spin of a Roulette wheel. His win was actually so large that the casino didn’t have enough chips to pay him out, so his game was forced to end at the win. Probably for the best for gambling legends!

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