The curious rise of online casino and bingo


As most of you are probably already aware, the game of bingo simply involves crossing off randomly selected numbers on your scorecard until you achieve a line of five squares or are able to cross a full block of numbers off your card (also known as a full house). For those who do the large majority of their gaming online, the increasing popularity of online bingo may come as something of a shock.

The history of bingo has typically seen it as a very traditional and basic game, which encourages players of varying ages to compete against each other whilst provoking a fun atmosphere. So, how can such a simple game be so popular on an internet platform without making use of cutting-edge graphics, extensive gameplay and surround sound? Typically, online games are forced to adapt to the ever-changing technology scene and embrace the latest developments, so as to not fall behind their competition.

However, the truth is, the simplicity of the game of bingo is part of its charm and its foray into the online gaming arena has been successful for a number of reasons.

Online Bingo Caters to the Players

Bingo players, typically, are slightly different when compared to the average online gamer; a large majority of players enjoy the low key nature and minimal fuss associated with bingo. As much fun as bingo can be, the game is seen in many quarters as a relaxing alternative to the demands of popular online casino games such as Texas Hold’em and Blackjack. This makes sense when you consider the game, the results of bingo are largely out of your control and the actual effort of the participant is minimal. This allows for a relaxed and laid-back attitude whilst competing, a stark comparison to the hands on games of Text Hold’em or Blackjack.

Nevertheless, the rising popularity of such games within the online casino landscape has given online bingo a platform which it didn’t have previously. With online bingo now offered by large gambling providers, like Bingo Canada, bingo fans are simply enjoying playing their game of choice on a different medium, which is only proving to enhance the overall experience.

A Plethora of Choices

Those who aren’t familiar with the game could be forgiven for thinking that there aren’t many options to choose from on the many online bingo sites out there. However, the best online bingo sites now offer a wide variety of themed games relating to hit TV shows such as Game of Thrones and Desperate Housewives.

In addition to this, many bingo rooms are now offering more than just the classic 75-ball variant of bingo, while other sites offer users the chance to participate in a number of mini-games while waiting for games to load. All in all, online bingo is a complete experience that is constantly changing, evolving and adapting. It certainly involves much more than simply crossing a few numbers off.

Source: Game of Thrones via Facebook

Online Games are Now More Rewarding than Ever

Whether it’s free spins from online slots or sign up bonuses relating to games such as roulette and video poker, the incentive to play online games has never been greater. While the large majority of bingo players do appear to play for the love of the game, the added incentive of progressive jackpots in online versions of their games has added something extra for the more competitive players out there. Over the last decade or so, online bingo has diversified its portfolio and now caters to many different types of gamers, no matter what their intentions may be.


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