These tips can improve your dabbing experience


Dabbing has become quite popular today. This is a new method of enjoying herbs or plants like cannabis. Usually, these herbs and plants are processed into concentrate oils that look like wax or taffy. The user heats the product on a nail or other hot surface and then inhales it through an instrument known as a dab rig. 

Many people appreciate and consider dabbing because of its benefits. For example, dabbing produces less smoke compared to smoking. Also, it’s flavourful and provides fast and more effective results. 

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However, to enjoy such benefits, you must have the right tools and know some tricks to better your experience. Some essential instruments are a dab jar, torch, cap, reclaim catcher, and a nail or banger. 

Most importantly, you must have a rig. You may find different dabbing rig types like silicone, glass, recycler, or electronic ones. A good seller, brick-and-mortar retailer, or experienced user can clarify the benefits of different kinds, helping you decide which one’s best for you. 

After buying all the essential tools, here are four tricks that can enhance your dabbing experience:

  1.  Ensure Your Rig Is Clean 

Before anything else, you must always ensure you’re using a clean rig. Usually, residue will remain on your rig after dabbing. Cleaning this tool after every use will eliminate the material left on your rig. 

This practice also makes daily cleaning effortless because old oils tend to stain your instrument. That said, gunk may form on your rig, and it might be difficult to get rid of the gummy build-up. In this case, hold your tool over the steam from boiling water. The heat will loosen it, making it easier for you to clean your instrument. 

With a spotless rig, you’ll enjoy higher quality and flavourful dabbing without feeling an unpleasant lingering taste of the old oils. A clean rig is also likely to serve you longer.  

  1. Use Gloves 

Another way to enjoy a great dabbing experience is by using gloves. Typically, concentrate oils are compared to honey in terms of texture. They often feel slippery, slimy, and sticky, so they can be challenging to handle. Wearing gloves while dabbing will prevent feeling this texture and shield your hands from getting messy. 

Gloves will also help to protect dabbing concentrates. This is because your hands may contain bacteria, germs, or dirt. So, if you touch your dabbing oil, you’ll transfer all these, causing contamination or dilution. Using gloves will prevent such incidents from happening. This way, you’ll have a flavourful experience and enjoy the full benefits of the cannabis or any other oils you may be dabbing.  

  1. Take Smaller Dabs At A Time

Most beginners will have at least one bad incident. One mistake to avoid, especially if you’re a beginner, is taking huge dabs. This also leads to an uncomfortable experience. Usually, dabbing offers more intense effects compared to smoking. Furthermore, the concentrates are more potent than the herbs and plants they originate from. Therefore, bigger dabs may result in an unpleasant experience. 

Taking smaller dabs at a time can help prevent this. This practice will also allow you to monitor and control how much you take.  

  1. Use Low Heat

Another error to avoid is dabbing at high temperatures. Overheating your banger or nail can make the concentrates combust, resulting in a foul flavour and chest discomfort in some cases.

Moreover, high temperatures will eliminate the compounds that create an appealing flavour and aroma in concentrate oils. As a result, you’ll experience an unpleasant taste and smell after dabbing. 

You can prevent such incidents by dabbing at low temperatures. Therefore, ensure you always watch how hot your nail or banger gets. In case of overheating, it’s best to wait for these tools to cool before dabbing.  

Final Thoughts 

Dabbing has become a popular way to enjoy concentrate oils from herbs and plants. Compared to smoking and other ways of consuming these plants and herbs, dabbing produces less smoke and is more flavourful. Additionally, it offers a user fast and more effective outcomes. 

As you’ve learnt in this article, you can enjoy dabbing and its full benefits by having the right tools and finding tricks to better your experience. Therefore, you’ll need a dab nail or banger, cap, jar, reclaim catcher, torch, and rig. 

Some ways to ensure you always have a pleasant dabbing ordeal are by maintaining a clean rig, utilising gloves, using low heat, and taking smaller dabs at a time. If you experience any challenges, it’s best to consult an experienced dabber. 

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