Top 5 small businesses to start


Top 5 small businesses to start – Being your own boss and calling the shots is an incredibly rewarding part of running your own business. But your success is dependent on starting a business that delivers value to customers and provides you with a steady income.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start your own small business, do your research to see if your idea aligns with what consumers want, advises Jeff Mitelman, CEO of Thinking Capital, a leading online lender to small businesses. We provide financing to thousands of small businesses across the country and we see how quickly great ideas that respond to market demand can take off and generate a steady profit.

Since 2006, more than 14,000 small- to medium-sized Canadian businesses have turned to the organization for their business financing needs. Based on this experience, the company offers insights into the top five small businesses to start.

Pet services. We love our animals, with almost half of all households having at least one pet. Consider dog walking, grooming and even backyard clean-up services if you want to start a business based on your passion for four-legged friends.

Fitness studios. While it is a competitive market, studios can stand out by offering specialized training services which are steadily gaining in popularity. Think cross-fit, boxercise and yoga for starting a healthy operation with staying power.

Coffee shops. Offering more than your average cup of Joe, these community hubs can often be great spots for human interaction, especially if locals are retired. A quaint coffee shop is a great option to engage the community in a profitable way.

Gourmet bakeries. Given today’s busy lifestyles, you can profit by making it easy for people to celebrate with quality gourmet pastries and treats not found elsewhere.

Restaurants. The food industry is tough, but quality products, good value and a great dining experience make a recipe for success.

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