Two free outdoor concerts at foot of Mount Royal


Two free outdoor concerts at foot of Mount Royal – In the tradition of the popular summer concerts that filled public parks with music in the early 20th century, wind and percussion ensembles Cambridge University Wind Orchestra and Harmonie Laval will present free performances at the foot of Mount Royal on two Thursday evenings in July.

 The concerts will take place rain or shine (unless there’s a thunderstorm) on July 5 and 12 at the Mordecai-Richler Gazebo on Park Avenue, a stone’s throw from the Sir George-Étienne-Cartier monument. No reservations are required; simply bring a lawn chair.

 A return to the evenings of yesteryear

Montrealers will be transported back to a time when folks would gather in verdant parks to enjoy an evening concert under a summer sky.  

 Music lovers can look forward to hearing two outstanding orchestras free of charge against an urban backdrop like no other. The event will also showcase this Mount Royal heritage site and restore the Mordecai-Richler gazebo to its original vocation.

 On the program

On July 5 at 7:30 p.m., under the direction of William Barnes-McCallum, the 53-member Cambridge University Wind Orchestra will perform Persistence (Richard L. Saucedo), Paris Sketches (Martin Ellerby), Danzo´n No. 2 (Arturo Márquez with arrangement by Oliver Nickel), First Suite in Eb (Gustav Holst), Cartoon (Paul Hart) and Lochnagar Suite (Nigel Hess).

 Then, on July 12 at 7:30 p.m., under the direction of Patrick Morin, Harmonie Laval will present its Fiesta estivale. Spectators will notably hear music from such film classics as An American in Paris and Star Wars as well as pieces from groups like Beau Dommage and Earth, Wind & Fire.

 These two exceptional events are sponsored by Square Phillips Hôtel & Suites, L’Appartement Hôtel and the Edison Student Residence.


About the orchestras

Founded in 1987, the Cambridge University Wind Orchestra, known for its high musical standards and friendly atmosphere, brings together top-level musicians from the University of Cambridge. As part of its first North American tour, which is being held to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the orchestra will give concerts in Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa.

 Harmonie Laval is comprised of some 60 musicians: professionals, passionate amateurs and talented cegep and university students. This non-profit organization oversees the activities of three orchestras who, while actively contributing to the enrichment of the city’s musical culture, are also steadily building a reputation across Quebec for their considerable artistic achievements.

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