What are the best virtual betting apps?


Gambling is no longer a thing for those who have entry access to casinos or computers. A lot of significant technological advancements have made their way to the betting industry. These have seen sportsbooks adapt to change skillfully and, this has made it easier for every gambler to lay their hands on multiple reputable bookmarkers just by a touch of their smartphones—all credit to the available wagering apps. Anyone willing to game or gamble can play cards, place sports bets, play slots, or play table games from their mobile phones. Nowadays, you can as well wager on horse racing action virtually from anywhere in the world.
Mobile gambling is simply the actual act of playing games of chance or skill with authentic money and bonus free bets, with the use of portable devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers. It is always factual that some betting apps are better than others because of the daily technological evolution. Choosing the best App to serve your gambling needs should not be a hard task.

To be listed among the best betting apps, a lot of factors are considered during reviews. Intuitive navigation, easy and secure access, being online, plus mobile banking compatible are just some of them.

Some of the features to consider while choosing the best mobile sports betting apps include:

  • It should be compatible or suited for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.
  • It should be designed in a way that delivers quick login, easy navigation too.
  • Compatibility with popular and the most commonly used online payment methods.
  • Clean one touch menus that are compatible with any screen resolution.
  • Should be accessible in all corners where a cell signal can be picked up.
  • It should be able to give gamblers the same platforms but of a better experience like those offered on desktop versions.

With that knowledge in mind, let us explore some of the best virtual betting apps you can lay your hands on today.


Bodog offers a unique experience in betting because it has one special feature. Unlike most of the betting apps, the Bodog app does not need a download to function. Bodog is designed such that it allows customers to access the mobile App through mobile platforms like Android and iOS using their browser. A player can make deposits through the App using a direct bank, bank transfer, Mastercard, Visa, or BillPay. Overabundance of betting staples is one of the best features of the Bodog betting app. Whether you are a player who loves to enjoy seasonal sports betting on the go or an expert sportsbooks fan, this is a gold pot for you. As a player, this App allows you to place your bets on both popular known and lesser-known sports. The sports accommodated on Bodog include motorsports, cycling, snooker, football, tennis, golf, rugby, basketball and cricket. The App also offers e-sports, horse racing, and other entertainment and political events. The good news is, Bodog has a feature that allows players to place bets while a game is continuing. Using the App has an advantage over using the site since Bodog has specific bonus offers designed for gamblers betting on the App.

Spin Sports

Earlier, we highlighted that excellent sports betting App should be available on major platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. Well, consider Spin Sports betting App is one that falls under that category. Spin Sports mobile betting app offers an exclusive set of odds, lines and betting options. Spin Sports has a website that provides quick updates and wagering services. These services are as well found in the Spin Sports betting App. You can easily find and install the App on your mobile device since it is available on both the App Store and Google play store.

The App is designed with a gold and blue and gold colour scheme and sharp imager that makes it visually appealing. Spin Sports betting App has a user-friendly interface with crucial information articulately organized for comfortable players’ access. The App offers players online slots, table games, sporting events, and e-sports. Verifying your betting ticket takes just a few taps and swipes, which makes placing wagers on sports extremely easy. International sporting markets like Formula one racing, rugby union, and European football leagues are also accessed on Spin Sports betting apps. It is easy to download and install.


Wetten.com is one of the most reputable iGaming providers. Wetten.com has an unmatched user-friendly sport betting App for their players. The App offers players the same thrilling experience provided on the provider’s leading site via their mobile devices. This implies that gamblers can gain from the same unaltered up-to-the-minute odds and bonus offers across live sports events, esports. Virtual games, and virtual casinos.

The App, which you can find on wetten.com/ca/, is designed in a way that allows users to navigate the interface with ease. Many players’ worries revolve around the cash out procedure. If you are one of them, you can put your fears to sleep because Wetten.com allows easy fixtures finding, easy bets placing, and secure cash-out. You can also avoid potential losses because the cash-out feature lets you sell stakes to bookmarkers during play. The App allows users to access the best sports betting offers available and online casino games.

Betting odds are always listed so that players can easily find them and a have a smooth process of placing them. The App is designed with a search bar to enable you to find odds for any specific sport or event of your interest. The search bar also allows you to find the best betting offers on mixed martial arts, horse racing, hockey and soccer. Wetten.com app is downloaded for free on the App store.

This sports betting App allows the player to check for recent offers, modify bets while watching the game, and also place in-play bets. Also, the App has a relevant sports icon that lets you find the currently offered bets. You can always utilize the search bar if you want to find events.


One of the best suitable apps for a gambler is an app that offers promotions and has a bonus plan. Other than having this feature, the Betway betting app offers live streaming for horse racing. This mobile App features all the sports found on the website and the best bet types. The App is of compact design, which makes it easy to navigate around. It is designed in a way that cash outs and in-play bets have been allocated in their section. The App has a straightforward, five steps easy betting process.

The App is easy to install and is available for Android users and iOS devices users. However, iOS users should have iOS version 7 or higher. For android users, the App can be downloaded directly from their site while for iOS users, the Betway betting app can be downloaded from the iTunes store.


Bet365 betting app offers sports coverage and live stream for over 140,000 events weekly. Their apps allow the users to watch golf majors, live soccer matches, NBA basketball games, as well as other sports for free on any HTC Android, windows Lumia, or iPhone and iPad. Also, audio commentary of sports is available on smartphone devices. Bet356 also allows users to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and bet on matches of their liking. Their main objective is to provide a comprehensive sports betting app solution.

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