Is a metal work table the best pick for your restaurant?

metal work table

The metal work table made of stainless steel that you may use in your food establishment is the most important piece of equipment you need, so every business owner must consider the benefits that a metal table can deliver for you and your kitchen staff. First of all, a solid, highly durable, and hygienic metal kitchen work table made from steel will make your work simpler, and your personnel receive quite a lot of functionality and efficiency as a result.

Reasons why a metal work table is a valuable investment

The stainless surface is not able to be easily destroyed or deteriorate, it is resistant to liquid and food particles, temperature extremes, and does not absorb moisture and chemicals. A modern metal work table is characterized by high levels of environmental friendliness and hygiene. The possibility of crack formation is low, as in the case of wooden kitchen furniture, so the growth of mold and mildew is excluded. In addition, metal tables have an array of other equally important advantages:

  • metal products are very durable and hard-wearing
  • withstand high weight and impacts
  • ergonomics of stainless steel table and height-adjustable legs of some options allow installing it on uneven surfaces
  •  there are no traces of scratches, scrapes, and stains on the surface;
  • do not fade, retaining an aesthetically attractive appearance for many years
  • care and maintenance are minimal: for cleaning, use soft sponges, and don’t apply cleaning agents that contain chlorine; use regular baking soda, glass cleaner, or a solution with white vinegar instead

What other options do you have for your restaurant and what other problems can you solve with a metal work table? Let’s find out.

Excellent range of products

If you seek a solid solution that can solve a couple of issues at once, then the metal kitchen work table is the right choice, as they are not limited in designs and configurations. Selecting the working top that can enhance personnel performance, expand storage capacity, and promote cleanliness becomes a more straightforward task.

Open base vs. under-shelf options – Here, you must consider storing needs, as under-shelf is an additional surface for holding items, ingredients, and kitchen tools within the active food prep zone. However, an open base model offers more room for keeping larger items, boxes, or bins.

Backsplash and other extra accessories – Drawers, cutting boards, and extra shelves can significantly improve all working processes, maintaining order and a tidy and neat environment. Such a table part as a backsplash is also essential to support hygiene, avoiding dirty walls, staining, and spreading of harmful bacteria due to moisture that can accumulate without such a protection measure. 

Commercial table with wheels – Want to get rid of the necessity to lift heavy stationary tables when cleaning the floor, then pick a mobile option with casters to freely move around.

Buying a food prep table from AmGoodSupply, you will get a product that will withstand intensive use and quite a lot of work, impress you with outstanding performance, and deliver excellence through the entire period of operation.

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