The hottest terraces right now and other restaurant news


With impressive new openings, revamped menus, decors and chefs, the Montreal restaurant scene has never been more exciting for us to enjoy the warmest month of the year in good taste. Here’s a list of the hottest terraces of the summer!

The hottest terraces right now


  • Chez Sophie 

This neighborhood restaurant is the best kept secret in Griffintown. Chef Sophie Tabet and sommelier Marco Marangi have been serving a refined À la carte menu in addition to an impressive wine pairing tasting menu at Chez Sophie since 2014. The restaurant closed a few months for some renovations and reopened just in time for summer with a brand-new look and a festive summery menu. The fine cuisine of chef Sophie can now be enjoyed in their fresh and modern dining room or in their elegant and intimate backyard terrace. The restaurant is perfect for an amazing food night in great company, far from the crowds, but also a million miles from boring.

  • Terrace Le Renoir (Sofitel)

The chic terrace of restaurant Le Renoir, hidden in the courtyard of the Sofitel Hotel, brings a fun summer twist every year to Montreal. This year, the terrace partnered up with two solid sponsors : Veuve Clicquot and Nespresso to create festive nights all week-long. On Tuesdays, it’s Nespresso night with ice coffees, Nespresso carts and coffee-inspired cocktails, and on Thursdays, it’s Veuve Clicquot night with champagne by the glass and a live DJ that pairs very well with the brand-new terrace menu created by chef Olivier Perret for the summer.

  • Nacarat: Terrace 

This summer, the very elegant Nacarat cocktail bar takes over the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth’s brand-new third floor terrace from Thursday to Saturday nights. Recently opened, Nacarat Terrace offers breathtaking views of downtown Montreal, handcrafted cocktails  in addition to a small and festive BBQ menu where guests can order chicken on the grill, vegetable plates and delicious short ribs…. directly from the grill master installed on the terrace. A DJ sets the tone for the evening and a Veuve Clicquot section has been thought of for those wanting to enjoy a bottle of bubbly paired with their BBQ menu (aka everyone!).

  • Le Richmond

Griffintown’s hot spot is in full summer mode with its expensive and impressive courtyard where guests can enjoy brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails and hot summer soirees, a new summer menu at both restaurants (Richmond et Richmond: le marche) and a new chef that seems more than happy to have taken over this gorgeous Italian-inspired restaurant’s kitchen.

  • Ritz-Carlton Montreal

We all know about the courtyard terrace located behind the very chic and sophisticated Ritz-Carlton Montreal hotel. But, what you might not know yet is that the hotel decided to exploit “their terrace” located across the Maison Boulud on the hotel side. The Ritz-Carlton figured that, since they had a terrace adjacent to their “Oval Room”, might as well take advantage of it when it’s not rented for a private event. And that’s exactly what they did. A short menu of tapas and cocktails, and Larson champagne by the glass will be served on Wednesday and Thursday nights, while a DJ will take care of the ambiance.

  • Beatrice

It’s no secret that Ristorante Beatrice’s terrace is one of the chicest in the city. Now open 7 nights/week, this “Miami-style” indoor/outdoor Italian restaurant offers al fresco dinner every day. With a new menu that includes: fresh fish crudos, shrimps with bisque and a wide selection of seafood and fish mains, Beatrice is in full summer mode and we’ll be sure to enjoy its gorgeous terrace as much as we can.

  • Miel

The first restaurant of celebrity chef Hakim Chajar, Miel,  is now open for brunch ! Serving shrimp flatbread, smoked meat tart, pancakes, steak and eggs… it’s just another great excuse to visit this impressive neighborhood restaurant. And, for the season, fans of the chef’s inventive cuisine can enjoy : brunch, lunch and dinner on the restaurant’s terrace located in the heart of Pointe-Saint-Charles.

Thanks to Marie-Claude Di Lillo for the photo
  • New City Gas

Located directly in the heart of Griffintown, New City Gas has become one of today’s hottest spots in town. This massive space of 40,000 square feet spreads on two floors while the building can accommodate up to three different rooms, each possessing the combination of historic character and contemporary design. But its their gigantic patio that is the most memorable, especially during the summer season. On Thursdays, it’s definitely where you want to be with incredible 5 a 7 nights that lasts until dawn on their gorgeous and covered terrace.


Restaurant news 

  • Joiea Sociale is now offering cooking classes

This fairly new Old Montreal Italian restaurant had a great idea: take advantage of their slow time (from 3-5pm) to offer Italian cooking classes with Culinary Director Natalia Machado. Joiea Sociale  now offers a variety of classes for small and large groups such as: gnocchi school, pizza workshop and the course includes: wine, cocktails, a recipe book and the food. A great activity idea for a birthday celebration or a bachelorette party.

  • Kamehameha Snack Bar is turning 1 !

For their 1st anniversary (Sunday July 15th), Kamehameha Snack-Bar is offering its signature “fish cone ice cream” 2 for 1  ! This Hawaiian-inspired snack bar located in “The Village” serves poke bowls, ice cream and other Hawaiian delicacies in a futuristic decor inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel.

  • Hà Old Montreal celebrates its 1 year

The second location of Restaurant Hà (in Old Montreal) celebrated their first anniversary earlier this week. In a world where a lot of restaurant concepts come and goe, it is important to highlight when one is going strong. Happy 1st anniversary Hà Old Montreal!


  • Jack Saloon Dix30 turns 5 !

Jack Saloon Dix30 opened in 2013 on the South Shore. After an unprecedented success in Quebec City, the concept moved to Quartier Dix30 and, since its opening, it has become one of South Shore’s favorite venue for a good time. This week (Monday July 17th) they are celebrating their 5th anniversary.



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