13 tips for choosing your perfect wardrobe colour palette this Autumn


Choosing a custom wardrobe colour palette this autumn can help you create a more personal, individual and unique style that everyone will recognize. There are no rules in fashion, but there are certain tips that will make dressing up an enjoyable experience. Yes, you’ll be able to put together an outfit in ‘1,2,3’ and still be the best-dressed person around!

Stick To Colours You Like

Although fashion is all about risks and experimenting, if you want to create a wardrobe colour palette you might want to stick to the shades you already love. The easiest way to figure this out is by opening your closet. Every person has several colours that they feel the most comfortable in, so they are the most dominant ones among their clothing pieces. Sounds like a great starting point, plus you’ll be certain that this palette will be a perfect match for your style. If you ever feel like you want to get creative with different tones than usual, we recommend that you do that during summer.

Another way to know which way to go is by opening your boards or folders of saved looks. If you have a board on Pinterest or Instagram of outfits that you like, you can easily tell which colours your eye catches first.

Number Of Colours

Your fall palette can be made of as many colours that you like, but the smartest way to go is to stick to a smaller range. If you want to build your recognizable style, you should already know what you like and don’t like. Playing with too many colours is dangerous and can look like it’s a little bit too much!

Even experts and big fashionistas suggest that the ideal number of colours is somewhere between 6 and 9. This already sounds like a very hard decision but it will make your life so much easier. All pieces will look great together and it will spare you the effort of staring at the wardrobe before going out. Start small, then you can work your way up!

Base Colours

Every single colour palette includes base and secondary colours. The first group is essential because it will be present in the most essential garments in your closet. Base tones are always on-trend, always fashionable. You’ll be able to wear them year after year, and never get bored. These are mostly neutral, timeless colours and will look good with everything. Think of black, navy, grey, tan, brown, white, beige, and more.

sweaters for the Fall

The thing is, that every person has a different vision of base colours. For example, red or blue are not considered to be a part of the base palette, but if you wear them almost every day they should become a part of yours.

Secondary Colours

These are the colours that bring joy to your closet. The secondary part of the palette is the minor one but is here to fulfil your wishes. If you are obsessed with green, orange, blue, or yellow, you can make them work together with the base colours. Secondary hues bring that pop of colour but in a small dose.

Accent Colours

Accent colours are the ones that can upgrade outfits and are trending at the moment. For example, this fall you will be seeing a lot of lavender, bold orange, pistachio and red. The best way to incorporate these popular hues in outfits is with footwear and accessories.

Even ladies who are always rocking solid pieces like to elevate things by adding shoes and bags in a cool colour. You don’t have to own a whole closet of pistachio-coloured dresses, tops, trousers to be fashionable.

Warm Or Cold?

Do you want to make things easier for yourself? If so, decide whether you want to stick to warm or cold tones. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be shopping for new clothes, or you plan to recyclea bigger part of your fall attire. And, when you want to rock your favourite sweaters, pants, or dresses from last year, but they don’t seem to fit, turn to LoveYourTailor for all the alteration services you can think of.

Having an idea on whether you wear more pieces in warm or cold hues can be of huge help. For those who need extra help, warm tones are camel, beige, burgundy, ivory and more. Cold tones are black, grey, blue and more.

Bright or Dark colours for the Fall
Your perfect wardrobe colour palette this Autumn

Bright Or Dark?

Are you someone who always wears bright colours and doesn’t even want to go near black ensembles? Then, it’s more than clear that your palette should be based or light, bright tones. Sure, fall is a season when everyone dresses up in darker tones, but you can always find a way to escape that pattern. Hues such as mauve, tan, grey, beige, camel, blue, can be such a fun option for autumn.


Prints Or No Prints?

You’ve probably already seen those monochrome queens on Instagram who always look flawless while wearing only a single colour. Now the question stands- do you want to include prints in your fall wardrobe palette or do you prefer monochrome looks?

Prints are amazing because they can easily elevate every single ensemble that you put together. But it’s an individual decision. If you’re used to wearing different patterns, you should consider adding one or two to the range.

Dresses save the day

Dresses are such a great investment. When there is a colour that you like, but it doesn’t fit in your palette, or you don’t wear it as often, we have a very simple tip to make it work. Just buy a dress in that exact colour and you’ll be all dressed up in a single item without having to mix and match.

The same thing applies to prints. There’s always a print that catches your eye, but you don’t feel like you’ll know how to combine it with the rest of your look. If you get a dress, you only need to find shoes or boots to pair it with.

Make it easy to wear colour palette this Autumn-

Magenta might be your favourite colour, but it’s not as easy to flaunt it during fall. Another very important aspect of creating your signature colour board is that you choose only the wearable tones. Fall is a season when very bright and striking shades are not welcomed and are not a good fit with the gloomy weather. Also, if the rest of your closet is full with outfits in certain shades, you shouldn’t escape from that pattern too much.

Before buying an item, first, think whether it would be easy for you to combine it with at least a few other pieces that you own. You don’t want to end up getting something that simply doesn’t work and you rarely wear it.

Mix & Match – colour palette this Autumn

Don’t ever underestimate the power of mixing and matching. This is one of the most basic skills everyone has to develop to make their fashion journey stress-free. When choosing the colours for the autumn palette, you want them to be mixable with the rest present in your closet.

Dress For The Occasion

We all have different jobs, attend different events and are interested in different things. When creating the range for fall, think of what you do, where you go out and what you want to do the most. Things like these are important because you want the colours and clothes to match the occasion.

Working in an office sometimes means that you need to wear a suit, and stick to darker base colours. In other words, you spend most of the day at work, so it will help you define what kind of tones to lean towards.

Tonal-Based Outfits

The amazing thing about this whole process is that you can start flaunting tonal-based outfits. What does this mean? You can wear the same colour from head to toes but opt for different tones and shades of it. Your looks will not be dull, but on the contrary, very fresh and on-trend.

Fashion bloggers own so many pieces of clothing, but still decide to opt for tonal dressing. The reason behind this is that these outfits are timeless and give you the space to add interesting accessories, shoes, bags and even play with makeup, hairstyles.

Conclusion for colour palette this Autumn

Creating an autumn fashion palette is a personal experience and completely based on your taste. These 13 tips are only meant to make things easier for you and give you the maximum number of wearable outfits. Doing this is such a time-saver that you’ll enjoy making palettes for all the upcoming seasons.


Tony Kantzavelos is the owner of Love Your Tailor Toronto. Specializing in clothing alterations and tailoring since 1986. He loves customizing his relatives’ clothes and enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone interested.

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