TAG: To be kids forever (Movie Review + trailer)


Ah, the good old days: they started playing tag at the time when they attended elementary school. They continue in their teens even as other interests (i.e. girls) began to appear in their juvenile horizons. And they continue until now when Hogan (“Hoagie”) Malloy (Ed Helms) manages to disrupt an interview his former classmate, and now wealthy businessman Bob Callahan (Jon Hamm) is given to Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Crosby (Annabelle Wallis). The idea is to tag his old friend and reminds him of a goal still unfulfilled: to tag Jerry Pierce (Jeremy Renner), something nobody was able to do when they were young.

Now the opportunity has come, as Hoagie hands in a wedding notice: their friend, the only one impossible to tag, is soon to get married and that should be the occasion to accomplish what was never done before finally. Callahan joins Hoagie, now with the participation of his wife Anna (Isla Fisher) in recruiting the other friends, Randy “Chilli” Cilliano (Jake Johnson) and Kevin Sable (Hannibal Buress), the mission: to tag Jerry. Rebecca, the reporter, also joins the group because she finds that this is actually a good story.

Jerry is not so easy to get

The task, however, would prove more difficult than what it looks on the plans of the conspirators, Jerry, who owns a gym chain keeps himself in more or less the same good shape that enabled him to elude his pursuers, on top of that, he also masters quite well some technological gadgets that allow him to deceive his friends.

A sort of truce is signed for the duration of the wedding ceremony, but after that Jerry could be the target—an easy one his friends elaborate, but the ingenious Jerry would surprise them once more.

“Tag” also presents some funny dialogues, like this one when preparing to set a trap to tag Jerry: “Hoagie: Synchronize your watches. Callahan: I don’t know how to do that. Randy: I don’t wear a watch. Sable: Time is a construct.” Or this other one at the time of the wedding ceremony: “Sable: What’s the difference between Episcopalian and Lutheran? Randy: Episcopalians don’t eat fish. Sable: That’s… pescatarian, that’s… not a religion. Randy: They’re all fanatics, I don’t know.”

This comedy maintains a dynamic pace all the time and manages to use very well the material coming from a story apparently silly, but which in the end is not only a tribute to the memory of yesteryears but also a nostalgic look at the value of an enduring friendship forged during those years of youth. And indeed, it is inspired (i.e. loosely based) on a real story.

Feature image: The wedding ceremony is ending and so is the truce, Jerry is a target for the game of tag again

Length: 100 min

By: Sergio Martinez – info@mtltimes.ca
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