5 Baseball betting tips you should use in the MLB

Baseball betting tips

Major League Basketball betting tips are generally different from other sports. While other sports are more enthusiastic about betting against the spread, baseball is about the moneyline.

If you don’t know what those two bets are, the gist of these bets is that spread betting is whether a team can cover their spread by having a particular number of points at the end of the game.

Moneyline betting, on the other hand, is more about which team will win the game at the end regardless of the points. But of course, we know you’re not here to know how different bets work. Instead, you’re here to get some tips, and we shall deliver.

Here are some baseball betting tips you can use on your next MLB betting session.

Baseball betting tips
Baseball betting tips

Underdogs are Profitable

Underdogs, or as some people call them, plus-money underdogs, are teams most likely to lose in a particular game. They are the opposite of the favourites, statistically speaking, more likely to win the game. How each team is categorized depends on how the bookies do it. But that’s not what’s important.

Underdogs generally have a big payout. The plus number means your potential payout if you bet $100 on the team. For example, let’s say that the New York Mets are +115 and playing against the Atlanta Braves, which are -130. In this line, you must bet $100 on the New York Mets to win $115. If you want to bet on the Braves, you must bet $130 to win $100. Now, why is this important?

Theoretically, you are more likely to win more money by betting on the underdogs if you have a hit rate of at least 44%. This is because when you lose your bet, you only lose what you risked. If you lose a favorite bet, you lose a little bit more.

Shade the Public Bias

A common form of bias is that casual bettors tend to bet on the team they are more familiar with. And while a sports fan can easily list out all the teams participating in the MLB, casual bettors can’t do the same, and you have to remember there are a lot of casual bettors. This is where you come in.

If you are in a one-sided matchup with the other underdog, the least popular team but the most likely to win in your analysis, you can bet on the underdog. Remember, the more action there is on the other side, which is the favorite in this situation, the higher the payout will the underdog have.

Avoid Home Favorites on the Run Line

The run line is still the same with spread betting, just with another name. That said, most bettors will turn on the run line whenever a big team is a favorite to increase their payout. The big problem about this is that the home team doesn’t take its last at-bat if the team is already leading the game through at least eight innings. So why is this important?

Let’s take, for example, a particular game, the road team is the favorite, and they are playing away against a home team. You can assume they will get the same number of at-bats as the home team. This means there’s a very good chance that they will cover their spread on the run line, unlike a home team favorite with very low chances of covering their spread.

Check the Weather

While the weather doesn’t necessarily make a team win or lose, it does have a huge factor when you’re betting on over/under. One specific factor of this is the wind. The direction and speed of the win can directly affect a team’s home runs.

When the wind goes along with the ball, you can expect it to fly longer, increasing the chance of being a home run. Before you bet on the over/under, you should check the weather first.

Line Shopping

Of course, line shopping. If you want to bump your payouts a little more, you can go line shopping and look for better MLB betting odds, preferably online. There are hundreds of bookies online, and usually, the difference in the odds can just be a dollar or two.

It may be small but can impact your bankroll in the long run. Also, if you take advantage of their signing bonuses, you can even get more free money, depending on the kind of promotion they are running.

Final Words on Baseball betting tips

The MLB is fun to bet at, especially when you’re a baseball fan. That said, if you want to win more with your MLB bets, you might as well follow the tips we discussed above. They are proven and effective, and many veterans use them a lot. They will surely win you bets and give hefty payout. So why not give them a shot?

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