Dryer maintenance: 7 tips to keep your machine in top condition and no risk of fire

Dryer maintenance

How long should your dryer last? well that depends on your dryer maintenance. 10 years, according to consumer reports. With proper care, a dryer can last as long as 25 years. However, within the first five years, 17 percent of consumers experience problems with their dryers.

Every time we buy a household appliance, we hope it will work for a lifetime. Frequent appliance repairs caused by misuse are annoying. Sometimes it can be stressful, even if you recently bought a new appliance. But if there’s a problem with your appliance and you need a dryer repair, contact the experts in your area. Here are 7 tips to keep your dryer in perfect condition

1. Adhere to dryer maintenance instructions

The user manual is the main source of information on maintaining your dryer. The instructions include advice on load sizing, installation, and maintenance. They also serve as a great tutorial if you are using a dryer for the first time. So why are the manuals so important?

  • Manuals help prevent discrepancies in how your device is used.
  • Consistency in the maintenance of the device is ensured.
  • They instruct you on the best way to use the device
  • They assist in resolving issues and finding solutions to troubleshooting
  • They contain specific instructions for the operation and maintenance of the dryers

The manufacturer provides hard copies of the manuals as well as access to them online. You can prevent damage or failure to your drying machine by following the manual’s instructions.

2. Avoid overloading your dryer

The dryer being overloaded is a frequent reason for failure. Different dryers have various capacities. Find out your dryer’s maximum and lowest limitations.

Do you know why it’s harmful to overload the dryer?

  • Increases the number of lint in the trap: More lint restricts free air movement.
  • Overloading overloads the device, causing the motor in the dryer to overheat and burn out.
  • It harms the spindle bearings and belt.

Overloading your dryer also increases energy costs and drying times. By avoiding overloading, you can keep your dryer from exploding and breaking.

Dryer maintenance – Mtl Duct Cleaning

3. Thoroughly clean the lint and drum

Even if the dryer includes a lint trap, lint may still be present. In the dryer, lint keeps accumulating. If it builds up for too long, it may harm your dryer or possibly start a fire.

How to maintain a dryer by clearing the lint?

You can do these things to help keep your dryer vent clean inside the wall. However depending on how many loads you dry a week you should have a professional come in at least once a year to clean your entire vent and even stick a camera inside to see everything is hocked up professionally. Over 18,000 fires started in homes across Canada in the pat year due to dirty vents.

  1. At least twice a year, use a vacuum to clean the lint trap.
  2. The space between the dryer’s drum and the door should be clean.
  3. The side vent of your home should be cleaned.

The condition of the lint trap should be monitored as closely as possible. Check as often as possible to make sure it is clean. Do not fill the dryer to its full capacity. This increases the amount of lint generated.

4. Switch out the ventilation ducts

Most dryer vent ducts are made of metal or plastic. The material is used to provide flexibility when replacing vent ducts. Air ducts are affordable and widely available. They are also easy to install. However, the main problem is that they cannot be used safely.

The thin ducts are simple to break, and if they are made of plastic, they may even melt. Such problems cause the dryer to overheat, which might harm it. The danger of a fire starting increases if the dryer overheats.

So how do you protect yourself from such problems? Replace flexible ducts with metal ducts. Ventilation ducts must be replaced if at least one of the following occurs:

  • The drying process takes too long
  • The clothes or dryer get excessively hot
  • There is a burning odour coming from the dryer
  • The ventilation flap tries to open but fails.
  • If the replacement of ducts was necessary more than a year ago

To avoid it burning or breaking, replace and check your ventilation duct frequently. If you replace the ventilation duct and the aforementioned problems persist, take it in for repairs.

5. Make sure the dryer is stable during use

The stability of dryers can deteriorate in the same way as washing machines. Instability can be caused by uneven load distribution. Some dryer components can break if the dryer is often in an unstable position. Why? Uneven dryer wear and tear is caused by unstable dryer placement.

The issue is simple to fix. How? To achieve an even load distribution, jiggle your dryer. Position your dryer in a flat position as well. You can add support below the dryer if you discover that it is still unsteady.

Note: The handbook might also provide instructions on how to place the dryer so that it is more sustainable.

6. Avoid putting everything in the dryer

Dryers are only for drying fabric and nothing else. Some people try to whet their curiosity by inserting inappropriate items such as toys, purses or wigs. Avoid damaging the dryer by playing a game of trial and error. The dryer is for drying fabrics only. Keep the dryer door closed when not in use. It is essential to keep the dryer in good condition.

7. Close your vents when not in use

Avoid leaving the outside of the ventilation space open without covering it with a screen. Generally, the vent space is warm. As a result, it can attract creatures such as birds.

In the winter, birds can build nests there. Your dryer is at risk if there are birds or rats in the vent space. This prevents good airflow and causes the dryer motor to overheat. It can also lead to uninvited roommates.

Maintaining a net in the vent space will help ensure that the dryer is properly maintained and saved from unforeseen problems in the future.

Final Thoughts

Dryers make life easier by drying and protecting clothes quickly. You don’t want to start drying clothes outside again or spend more money on a new dryer. Avoid overloading, seal the vent, and clean the dryer to ensure proper maintenance. This will help your dryer last longer.

For more information on dryer maintenance please contact Mtl Duct Cleaning at 514-951-3328

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