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Beaver Lake Cruises!

In Life , Montreal
On November 9, 2013
by Bonnie Wurst   I’ve never been on a cruise ship, but I know I would have a great time on board. Being who I am, I’m sure any one of the Disney cruises would fit the bill. It wouldn’t really be about the destination, it...
There were a lot of cheers at the launch of the One-to-One program at Lakeside Academy in Lachine when eighty-two Sec. 1 students received their much-awaited Chromebook laptops. “It’s very exciting,” said 12-year-old Attasi Pilurtuut just before getting his first-ever Chromebook. “This means I can work...
Lending a helping hand to our community Who: CEGEP John Abbott College   What: Annual Loonie-Toonie Challenge! The entire Abbott community gets involved to raise money for students in financial difficulty and to raise awareness about the importance of giving a helping hand. Parallel lanes of...
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