10 common sports betting myths

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Canada has one of the largest online sports betting markets in the world. The country of the maple leaf started its gambling journey much earlier than the majority of other countries. The majority of Canadians enjoy placing bets on sporting events. The Canadian sports betting market offers wagers on everything – from championships to the top premier leagues. Numerous choices do exist like betting-utan-svensk-licens.net.

Canada is still relatively new to the world of sports betting, whether it is online or offline. On the other hand, the Canada betting network has developed itself reasonably thoroughly in a short amount of time. Many well-known bookmakers have been doing exceptionally well with the public in Canada. Along with local bookmakers, there are a few foreign bookmakers in the mix.

Why is Canada currently one of the top locations for online betting? 

The Canadian online betting market has a good balance of new and seasoned online betting software suppliers. They eventually created an excellent selection of sports for bettors to pick from. Sports betting is the most common type of gambling in Canada, much like in the majority of other countries. There is a vast number of bookmakers operating successfully on Canadian betting platforms. The ranking of Canadian bookies improved a lot over the past years on a global scale. Gamblers can place bets on all significant professional sports on both a national and international level.

It should be no surprise that football, followed by athletics, cross-country running, etc., is the sport that Canadian bettors enjoy most. Sports betting makes up a significant component of the betting market in Canada.

Finding the right website is necessary because most websites allow betting on football. You can peruse their offerings and choose the one with the most varied color palette. Betting is available in numerous competitions and tournaments at Canadian betting sites. The NBA, NHL, and other notable US leagues are also covered. As a result, if you want to wager on events, Canadian bookies provide a sizable and exceptional number of possibilities.

In Canada betting is still relatively new. Hence the laws and procedures have not been thoroughly established yet. The government has not put tight rules and regulations into effect regarding sports betting yet. However, there are several guidelines that each bookmaker and each client must follow. There are plenty of fish in the sea because the market is still relatively new. The thriving betting network in Canada welcomes newcomers with ease.

Current Situation of Canada’s Sports Betting Market

The Canadian online betting business is currently worth $2.64 billion, $1.2 billion of which is entirely attributable to online gaming. New members join daily, expanding the market and increasing the net worth. Sports can be used to respond to any occurrence. The customers of Canadian bookies have access to a wide variety of games, including international leagues. The timing may be suitable to try your hand at Canadian betting and become wealthy.

Bet of the Day Deals

In Canada most North American sports are heavily promoted. Whether it’s ice hockey, basketball, or soccer, Canucks are crazy about North American sports. They like to wager on NBA, NHL and NFL contests. Both domestic and foreign sports, events, and competitions are covered by esports betting in Canada. Because there are so many alternatives available to users when placing a wager, it may be difficult for them to choose one.

Some people favor betting on various sports more than others. Canadian bookies offer their clients a bet of the day option to help with this. The odds displayed on bookmaker websites are calculated by certified experts who thoroughly understand online sports betting in Canada. The best Canadian bookmakers will provide you with various sports betting options. You can bet on particular sportsmen or sports teams based on your preferences. With a reliable bookmaker, there will be plenty of domestic and international betting options.

Best Promotions and Bonuses for Canadian Sportsbooks

Like customers in every other country with well-known online sports betting marketplaces, Canadian players receive their fair share of bonuses from bookmakers. Most websites only offer these benefits to new users. A website will always make you an attractive offer when you sign up, like free bets or bonuses without making a deposit.

These deals will be listed on a website’s promotional page. You can head there right away to claim your winnings after registering a new account and completing the appropriate steps. To keep up with all current promos, often check the bookmaker’s website. Take advantage of the opportunities to earn money without taking any chances by using the offerings.

Sports Betting Is Legal in Canada

Canadian bookies offer a wide range of opportunities for sports betting to the local population. Online sports betting is entirely legal and endorsed by the Canadian government. However, Canadian gamblers limit their sports betting to only three kinds of sports: rugby, football and cricket. Local bookies offer various trustworthy betting options for gamblers’ benefit for all three sports.

List of 10 Common Sports Betting Myths

Myths are not all that uncommon regarding sports betting in Canada. In fact, if you are a newcomer to the betting world, falling prey to these myths can be a common occurrence. Although you do not know the correct information, it can waste your time and money. So here, we will discuss the top 10 sports betting myths currently prevalent in the sports betting world.

1. Bookmakers fix matches

One of the most widespread myths is that bookies fix athletic events. This idea may be traced back to sports bettors who lose their wagers and money. It’s a case of sour grapes where losers trash bookies and exchanges by throwing their toys out of the pram after losing a bet.

Bookmakers care about the small profit they can get on a successful wager. Therefore, they are not required to rig games because doing so would not profit bookmakers.

2. Betting Isn’t Profitable with Fixed Odds

Fixed odds are wagers that a bookmaker makes available without altering the payout. This implies that the possible profit or loss is fixed if you bet on fixed odds. No proof having fixed odds won’t result in any returns for the bettor or the bookmaker/exchange because the activities are visible. Yes, gambling carries danger. However, don’t allow any quacksalver to convince you that betting isn’t profitable. Every day millions of people from around the world earn money from various betting platforms.

You’ll undoubtedly lose money, just like in many other endeavours. You can still win games if you use the appropriate strategies recommended by reliable sports betting sources. Despite popular belief, betting with considerable odds can be successful. Betting with high odds is equally as uncertain and risky as betting with low odds. However, if you employ practical winning frequencies, odds and market strategies, you might still be able to succeed. High odds betting is not a certainty, but the more money you stand to win overall, the better your odds are.

3.   Corruption Is a Part and Parcel of Sports Betting.

Sports betting is frequently discussed in the media for the wrong reasons, mainly because tax authorities and governmental organizations discover athletes and other influential people engaging in spot-fixing and match-fixing. Even while betting is a bit risky, it is still very much possible to place wagers without taking any risks. This is the rationale behind the prohibition on some football players and athletes from other sports from placing bets on the games in which they will compete.

Experienced bettors typically use clever strategies to reduce risks, such as matched and arbitrary betting, which enables them to profit significantly from free bets, bonuses and variations in the odds across various betting platforms.

4. If You Consistently Win, Online Bookmakers Will Block You

Who relishes defeat? Nobody does. However, bookmakers prefer losing bettors over winning ones in online sports betting. And the reason is apparent – it equals greater profits for them. Those that begin to win consistently are watched to gauge their momentum. Frequent victories will force bookmakers to place restrictions on bettors to preserve a window of loss, which is necessary for their viability and effective operation. If it is established that the player is abusing the system, the bookmaker or online platform will only suspend or bar the bettor based on convincing, indisputable and clear-cut proof.

5. Bookmakers Aren’t Know-It-Alls

A prediction is the foundation of sports betting. You can’t predict the future or the results of many sporting events. Bookmakers excel at providing odds that are less than fair value but increase your chances of winning. They are not gods despite their skill at this. Like everyone else, they also rely on historical and present information.

6. Online Betting Is Not Legal

A part of this is accurate. Not every nation has enacted legislation allowing legal sports betting. In order to promote a legal and ethical sports betting industry, successful online betting companies and exchanges engage with teams, leagues and athletes as sponsors or ambassadors. Since no successful brand would want to be connected with illicit betting operations, the unexpected flurry of sponsorship deals and partnerships that various bookmakers and exchanges have with leading brands is possibly the most significant sign of the legality of online betting today.

7. Same Odds from All Bookies

This misconception is untrue since different bookmakers wouldn’t use the same odds. Every betting organization retains a competitive attitude and offers such odds that are appealing to bettors and advantageous for the latter to keep a window of winning prospects. As a general rule, every potential gambler should evaluate the odds offered by several betting firms (bookmakers) before deciding to place a wager on a market for a sporting event.

8. High Chances of Getting Cheated

This idea is untrue since modern online betting services use strong encryption to thwart fraudulent actions. Most online bookmakers today follow the same standards as e-commerce sites, sending customers to secure links to complete transactions. This is good news for gamblers.

It is essential to verify that the websites are secure and that the corresponding operating devices have installed antivirus and anti-hacking software. Suppose someone is, in fact, the victim of fraud. In that case, it is now simple to identify the perpetrator using the IP address (a network connection) and a MAC address (a device location) before holding them accountable under the appropriate legal provisions. Although it is understandable for first-time bettors to be wary of bookmakers and exchanges, it must be noted that sports betting is safer than ever.

9. You Need to Be a Math Whiz

In all honesty, sports betting is all about math and numbers. Understanding numbers entirely is a must for understanding how to place sports bets. Your chances of winning rise if you know the numbers. To be able to wager, one does not necessarily need to be a “math whiz”, though. Betting procedures may initially seem unclear to a novice. With the proper support and knowledge, you’ll eventually be able to cash in sizable quantities of money consistently.

10. Pick Winners Instead of Odds

In sports betting, odds do matter. Regular winners don’t always win their games. They might, and you would suffer a terrible loss if it happened. Low odds bets are lousy bets, as the saying goes. You benefit more when the odds are higher. Just acknowledge that gambling is not always a sure way to win.

Best Canadian Bookies: 2022 Ranking

The best Canadian bookies of 2022, according to reliable sportsbooks sources, are:


2. TonyBet

3. 1Bet

4. iBet

5. Bethard

6. EnergyBet

7. 22bet

8. 888sport

9. Betway

10. William Hill

Wrapping Up

The market for online sports betting in Canada is a sizable one to enter. Finding your way in the gambling industry can be difficult, especially if you are new to it. But with Rebecca Martin’s advice, you may start placing winning bets right now and making a lot of money!

Author’s Bio: Rebecca Martin

The right advice from a professional like Rebecca Martin may help to set your ship to sail in the right way when it comes to sports betting in Canada. Martin has years of experience in online sports betting, which can significantly boost your chances of striking it rich.

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