Skateboarding – A handy guide for beginners


Skateboarding seems like a wonderful recreational activity in videos, right? And most people at some point wish they could skate quite as expertly too. But what everybody is afraid of is getting hurt and falling over while skateboarding. Well, no sport was learned without knee scrapes. What we can do, however, is give you some tips to learn skateboarding faster and with lesser scrapes.

1. Select an appropriate skateboard:

You might be tempted to buy the best skateboard there is in the market, but you need to have a go at skateboarding to decide whether it is something you would want to invest your money in. What you need are ‘slow’ skateboards for beginners that provide a better grip, not fancy ones designed for expert tricks. It would be best if you bought flat boards that offer more foot room instead of the super curved ones, or you can choose a longboard too that allow easy maneuvering. For a more detailed guide on the best skateboard for beginners, visit

2.Protective Gearing:

Protective gear is a necessity for both beginners and experts like riptgear knee sleeve. If you have watched a video of professional skateboarding competitions, you can see that all of them use helmets, elbow protection, and knee pads because these are sensitive areas of the body and can be subjected to severe injury if you fall off a board without any protections.

3. Choose shoes:

Choose shoes appropriate for skateboarding.  Some people opt to skateboard barefoot, which can lead to severe injuries. Some others decide on flip flops or combat boots, which are not feasible for skateboarding either. Infact, instead of investing in a high-end skateboard, you should consider buying some skate shoes. Otherwise, shoes with flat soles and good grips can be an appropriate choice for beginners too.

4. Learning how to fall off a board:

Shouldn’t you be learning how not to fall off? Well, that is true; however, falls are impossible to avoid if you are a beginner. The best way to avoid severe impairment is to learn how to react when you fall. The body’s natural instinct is to throw out arms and hand to brace the fall. However, this can lead to fractures and sprains. This is why skateboarders need to learn to roll off on fleshier parts of the body and to tuck in their arms and chin.

 5. Learn from a skater:

It might feel quite embarrassing if all you do is fall off your skateboard after a few meters. However, helpful peer support can help you overcome any embarrassment. Additionally, learning from someone who already knows how to skate will help you to improve more quickly. They can also point out your mistakes, correct your posture, and refine your style because helpful advice goes a long way in helping emerging beginners.

These were some basic guidelines to help you out if you are a beginner. Do let us know in the comment section if these proved to be useful for you.

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