Why is sports betting on the rise?

sports betting

People have likely bet on sports since they came into existence and now even hassle free with online sports betting. It’s hard to resist large sums of perceived easy money when you have a “feeling” or think that you can fall back on your special insight or knowledge. However, if you’re so likely to guess the outcome of a seemingly unpredictable event, no one would take your action. Or they would, but on odds that won’t line your pockets.

sports betting

And, it’s easy to think that sports betting is a better alternative of online gambling than playing casino games, as it’s knowledge plus luck, not something analogous to a flip of a coin. But the reality is that the odds are similarly stacked against you, and you’re essentially betting against other people.

And while investors are projecting that the industry will reach an annual revenue of $8 billion by 2025, online casinos bring in seven times that worldwide. It’s far easier and faster to win big playing slots on your phone than it is placing a bet on your team. You stake a sum, the reels spin, and in less than a second you find out the result. You can choose to play medium variance games that payout smaller sums often, or go for progressive jackpots.

This is why casinos are experiencing a greater rate of growth, but that doesn’t mean that sports betting is at a stand-still, on the contrary, and here’s why.

Looser Legal Restrictions

It’s a fact that this activity is still illegal in a lot of places, and while countries seem to be laxer in the legalization of casino gambling, the pace is slower when it comes to sports betting. But it’s happening.

In May of 2018, the U.S Supreme court lifted the ban on sports betting and allowed states to choose if they would allow it within their borders. So far, thirteen have made it legal and have regulated the industry, a trend predicted to timidly spread throughout the globe.

The legislatives are also loosening in Canada. More and more provinces are open to regulating the online gambling market, including online sportsbooks, in a better way.

The good news is that Canadians can access online sportsbooks, but at the moment, some online sportsbooks that are not licensed may operate in the region. These sites are most likely scams which is why players should not engage with them. https://www.safebettingsites.com/ca/ has a list of some of the best and most trustworthy betting sites in Canada, so it is worth a check. It contains a lot of useful information which can help you make the best pick.


In all entertainment-based spending, the key demos fall under the age of 35. These are people with few responsibilities and more disposable income. They are also generations that have grown up with the internet so gambling facilitated by technology is not as taboo a subject for them and they are far more likely to embrace it.

A survey conducted by the American Gaming Associations on all forms of online gambling concluded that 69% of bettors are male, and 45% are between the ages of 23-34. So, sports betting has a good grip on its target audience.

Sports Sponsorships

Gambling and advertising are not the best of buddies, this is because gambling is considered a vice, and many legal frameworks do not allow for companies to use marketing in enticing people into undesirable social behavior, even if the activity itself is legal.

So, companies have to find other ways to get their names out there. One of the major ones is forming sponsor relationships with leagues and teams, thus allowing them to get exposure and directly target their customer-base.

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