How to make Canadian express entry applications easier

Canadian express entry applications

The Canadian government offers an expedited way to apply for the necessary permissions and documents required for non-citizens to immigrate and accept an employment opportunity. The Express Entry Application forms can be found online, filled out online, and submitted online – which is a great option for those who live outside of Canada. Otherwise, if they couldn’t follow the process via a computer and the internet, they would have to endure the complicated and costly journey to travel to Canada in person and fill out these forms.

But just because the procedures are offered online, that doesn’t mean that Express Entry is without its own unique difficulties. That’s why, even though Express Entry is a viable alternative, many persons wanting to immigrate take advantage of professional assistance. If that appeals to you, you can hire a qualified immigration consultant who has a depth of knowledge of the whole step-by-step process.

An overview of the express entry process

In order to have your entry application approved by the Canadian government, you’ll want to provide lots of strong evidence that you have the work skills Canada needs. Countries like Canada are eager to welcome those who can help fill positions in the labour market, keep the economy healthy, and who will be good overall assets to Canadian communities. You will also want to gather legal documents that help to identify who you are, where you are from, and why you want to immigrate. The immigration authorities want to know that you have a job waiting for you when you arrive. You’ll be asked to submit documents to show that you have the kind of training and education needed to do that job well. Then, once the government has all of your paperwork, the review process will start. Even though it is called Express Entry, it still takes a long time. You can expect to get an answer within about six months.

Common reasons applications are rejected

You want to avoid getting a response that forces you to resubmit documents or start the whole long process over again. Delays and rejections commonly happen if you fail to correctly and properly fill in the entire application, so be sure to double-check it for any errors or omissions. Applications are also processed based on what kinds of workers Canada most needs at the moment. Those needs change frequently. Especially during the pandemic, medical records are another vital part of your application. So be sure to set aside enough time to be evaluated as healthy by medical authorities who can vouch for your status and that of any family members like children you want to also come with you as your dependents to Canada.

Your express entry application score

Most importantly, each application is scored, and your profile needs to score high enough to be considered eligible to immigrate. Applicants have to score at least a passing grade, which means about 67 points out of a possible score of 100 points. These points fall into several main categories, so you can think of them as a test to see how eligible you are. The categories include your education and professional training, the kind of work experience you have, your proficiency at language, and how old you are. You’ll also be scored based on the kind of work you seek, and whether that type of work fits into the current job market. That’s one of the areas that a professional immigration consultant can help with, because they are very familiar with the grading system and ways to boost your score. For example, there is a language test you’ll be asked to take, and a consultant should be able to tell you the best way to prepare for the test to get a high score.

Following Specific Immigration Guidelines

Once your total score is calculated, you’ll be accepted for eligibility or rejected, and if you’re eligible you’ll have to quickly submit your full application. You only have about 60 days to do that, and if you miss the deadline you will likely have to start the process all over again. The immigration authorities have published a detailed guidebook that can help you through the process, and it is strongly recommended that before you even start you read it carefully and make sure you understand all of it. Keep in mind that the guidelines themselves are about 30 pages long. Here again, an immigration consultant who knows those rules thoroughly can give you all the guidance you need and answer all your questions. That can save you lots of time and aggravation while also making sure you correctly follow all the rules explained in the guidelines.

Reasons for Rejection

Some of the ways that applications get rejected are if you don’t have a valid passport, of if your passport expires before the application is processed. You also need to gather together lots of documents. These include notarized paperwork that confirms your identity and the identities of family members wanting to immigrate with you, such as marriage and birth certificates. You’ll need similar paperwork from potential employers who want to hire you to work in Canada, and you’ll need to show financial documents to confirm that you have enough money to immigrate and get established on Canadian soil. Once all of the documents are reviewed and accepted, you’ll get a nomination certificate. But if any of the information is incorrect, you won’t be nominated. If you are using an immigration consultant, they will verify that everything is correct before filing the documents.

Should you use an immigration consultant?

Immigration consultants offer their services due to the many layers of complexity involved in applying for entry into Canada. They can guide you and help you avoid pitfalls that may cause the application to be delayed or rejected. Ultimately, they can help to remove many of the stresses and confusions that are, unfortunately, experienced by many immigration applicants. That’s why one aspect of the decision to immigrate using Express Entry is to factor the ways that hiring a professional consultant may be beneficial to you, and well worth it. If you decide to hire one, do so promptly so that you don’t further delay your Express Entry application.

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