Satisfy your taste buds: A trusted food and drink pairing chart

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From Texas-style ribs to your indoor style pulled pork, the varying combination of smoky aromas, sauces, and spices constantly fill the air.

Up your grilling game with a good selection of drinks for your dinner nights which will change the atmosphere for the better. Rather than buying into the chef’s choices at the restaurant, you can make the perfect pairing right there at home with some little efforts.

To aid you, this organized infographic shares all there is to know about matching food and drinks. Be in the know of the contents of the wide range of wine categories and beers to ensure that your efforts turn out the best.

The trick to getting the complimenting right

While preparing to work up some good meats on your indoor grill, this article shares some perfect grills, consider making a drink choice from this chart and start chilling it before the grilling begins.


To play it easy on the pocket, consider this rule of always combining red wines with red meats while pairing dry red wines with less flavour infused red meats like the Cabernet Sauvignon. Sweet red wines for their lower levels of tannin can then go for stronger flavoured lean meats.

In further comparison, chilled white wines do perfect justice to light foods, i.e, vegetables, seafood, cheeses, and poultry while this same rule does similar to sparkling wine.


Thinking of all-rounders? Beers will make your life easier with a more roughness of a dining style to it. Splurge over a wide range of beer choices with different food types except for Helles lagers which can only deal with veggies and cheeses.


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