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September wine to drink


September wine to drink –  It is one of my favourite months of the year: It is still warm during the days with cool evenings; autumn feeling in the air. For me this means this month symbolizes the beginning of hunting season, oysters, an abundance of late summer vegetables, fruits and berries, all stimulating my taste buds and senses. But what September wines to drink with such culinary delights?

If you are lucky enough to have deer or other smaller game, you will need a special September wine to drink or match the main course:

Venison is best paired with Italian wines, Barolo and Barbaresco, made of the Italian grape variety Nebbiolo. Nebbiolo is used to make red wines with very intense aromas of truffles, smoke and liquorice that make an excellent combination with venison, an aromatic and dry meat.

This meat does not require wines with high level of tannins so an alternative choice can be red Burgundy or Côtes du Rhône. Venison cooked with red wine, onions and herbs is well matched with full-bodied wines such as Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel.

Rabbit or hare can be cooked in several ways, which will influence your wine choice If it is baked, a good choice would be a light wine such as mature Beaujolais.

Grilled hare requires a dense, spicy and fruity wine not very with not too much oak. Fine but not too austere tannins are preferable as well. My top choices will include new world Syrah, Grenache or Chilean Cabernet. On the other hand, hare stewed in red wine pairs amazingly with Bordeaux or California blends.

Also highly prized and going back into season are oysters and again, since you are probably paying top dollar $$$, why not seek out a special wine? Loire whites are the classic choice for their freshness and minerality to match the saline-and-lemon hit of an oyster; there are many to chose, but for a change, how about Portuguese whites and sparkling wines?

Late summer vegetable bounty at our many public markets is on full display. An amazing collection of vibrant colours, aromas and textures, a feast for the senses. Every time I go to the Jean Talon or Atwater market, I cannot fight off the temptation to buy off a little bit of everything and come up with some creative ways to use it all up before it dies in my fridge. Golden corn, juicy red tomatoes, shiny plump eggplants, sunny-yellow squash and yellow peaches, it’s so difficult to choose.

One of the best examples of a late summer dish is perhaps ratatouille, a delicious Provençal vegetable side-dish originated in Nice. Ratatouille is a yummy, rustic French vegetable stew made from eggplant, tomatoes, and zucchini. It is a perfect companion with beef, lamb, poultry, and even fish. It also makes a complete meal served over rice or couscous. Pair it with juicy blends of syrah, grenache, mouvèdre, carignan and cinsault of the region, with pronounced notes of black fruit, lavender and olives. Here is a small assortment of wines from the world to start experimenting with the september produce.

Bonny Doon Vineyard Proprio Gravitas 2015

SAQ # 13234287, $20.00

( Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat)

Honey with dry apricots. An interesting note of smoked pineapple complemented by lemon and white pepper. Round, very nurturing in the palate. Delicate finale with a very long aftertaste. Pairing idea: Creamy Pistachio soup

Bonny Doon Vineyard Le Cigare Blanc 2014. California Central Coast

SAQ # 1037267, $35.00

( 66% Grenache Blanc, 34 % Roussanne)

Aromas of dry apricot and white peaches complemented by beautiful nuances of honey, anis and white licorice. Full body, incredible with amazing depth and concentration. Well balanced with a great floral aftertaste. Pairing idea: Roasted fennel and butternut squash soup.

Borges Fita Azul, Attitude Espumante Reserva Brut, Portugal

SAQ # 13640277, $13.45

( Gouveio 30 %, Malvasia fina 30 %, Arinto   20 %, Codega 20%)

This Portuguese sparkler has an attractive nose reminiscent of roasted herbs and green apple. Round with a bright acidity, it has undertones reminiscent of white orchard. Very fresh and lingering finale. Pairing idea: fresh oysters.

Château Mont-Redon Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2013.Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOP, Southern Rhone

SAQ # 00856666, $46.25

( 55% Grenache, 35% Syrah, 8% Mourvèdre and the rest other permitted varieties of the appellation)

Best Châteauneuf-du-Pape vintage from this producer tasted. Beautiful aromas aromas of spicy redcurrants, oriental spices with tamed leather and maple wood all seamlessly integrated together. On the palate, the wine has an incredible polished texture with nice round tannins. Lovely long finish that recalls cocoa and dry herbs. Pairing idea: Lamb Moroccan stew with couscous.

San Felice Chianti-Classico 2016. Toscana, Chianti Classico DOCG.

SAQ # 00245241, $18.70

( Sangiovese 80%, Colorino 10%, Pugnitello 10%)

A beautiful Chianti, a feast for the eyes. Delicious aromas of ripe cherry, strawberry and blackberry. Floral fragrant with hint of cigars and sweet forest earth. Ripe stone fruit and peppery on the pallet. Firm tannins with a beautiful balanced acidity. Will continue to improve for a few years on the cellar. Pairing idea: Stewed rabbit in tomato sauce.

Marco Giovanetti – info@mtltimes.ca
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