Get the perfect drill for your home project

Get the perfect drill

A power drill is essential when working on a house, so find out what you want in your drill. This will make your work much easier.

When building a house or working on your home project, having the right types of tools and equipment are very important. For a smooth start to the building process, you need certain tools.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro at construction work, just working on DIY or fixing the basics, you would need a power drill in your toolbox.

Sometimes you might be in the dark about the kind of power drill to purchase, or how to use certain power drills. Hopefully, with the help of this guide,  you can figure out how to use a power drill and which one to add to your toolbox.

Features to Prefer in a Power Drill

There are a few features of a power drill, you need to check before you buy one. With these features added, the drill work becomes way easier for you.

  1. Multi-tool Facility

Try to get the power drills that come with several accessories, such as extra batteries, carrying bags, case, box, etc. you can utilize them on other tools also like saws or drivers.

So when you are about to get a new drill, check out the accessories that come with it. You can in a way save money, as you’re not spending extra on these accessories. Imagine using the same battery for two tools, and not having to spend on an extra battery. That will save you money!

  • How Comfortable is it?

If you are not comfortable working with a specific tool, it might not give you the desired result.  If you are working on your house, you don’t want it to be a sloppy job. You want it to look as good as possible.

Most of the drills are designed to fit perfectly on your palm. However, if you are not comfortable, and feel like it’s slipping from your hand when climbing a ladder, you can attach a belt to it.

You need to get power drills with the perfect weight that work according to your need and have a good grip. It’s not that hard to get it right when you have ample knowledge of power drills.

  • Weight of the Power Drill

As mentioned earlier, the weight of your drill plays a vital role when it comes to comfort while working with it.

Usually, powerful drills weigh heavier, around 5 pounds. The batteries add more weight to it. But if you are worried about the weight of the drill, and how you are going to handle it while working, you should get the lightweight ones. 

Power drills around 4 pounds should be a perfect fit for lightweight drills.

  • The Durability of a Power Drill

You should keep in mind that drills are used for heavy work and durability plays a big role with all the work involved. So you need to know what factors to look at when checking the power drill’s durability.

It is important to check the material it is made of. If it’s made of plastic, there is a great chance of the drill to crack. The best combination would be plastic-fiberglass.

The second factor to keep an eye on is the insides of the power drill. You need to check the airflow, if the drill shuts off automatically it will be a good choice. By automatically turning off it keeps the motor cool, and is not overworked, the batteries won’t die soon.

However, if you are looking for a power drill for heavy-duty works, get the ones that are made with metal. Most importantly, get the one that comes with a warranty.

  • Power of the Drill

When buying a power drill you also need to check the flow of power required to function. The power is supplied by the batteries. It is wise to get lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries, for better results, and added benefits.

Li-Ion batteries help you to use the drills more than nickel batteries. Li-Ion batteries don’t require charging, and they are good for the environment too.

Moreover,  they are the perfect choice when it comes to weight. They are lightweight, although these are more costly.

Power used in a drill depends on how much speed you’re exerting while pulling the drill trigger. With some drills, you can control these settings.

  • The Drill’s Precision

When it comes to drilling the perfect hole, it might be a tough thing to do. Your hand might become shaky, or you might drill a bigger hole than needed.

So there are guides to help you with the precision of the hole you drill. For accuracy, there is a term called “jig” that is placed on top of the area you will be drilling.

  • Bits of a Drill

There are different specialized bits for each material you would be working on with the power drill.

For wood drilling you should be using brad point bits, to avoid too much splintering of the wood. When working on metal, use a split-point drill bit. If you want to drill a big hole in the wood but a precise one, you should go for Forstners bits.

If you are using the drill frequently it is wise to spend on bits that are powerful. It doesn’t wear off easily. But for users who aren’t that regular with drill-work, get the ones that are less expensive.

The perfect drill in your hands

No matter which brands you choose, keep in mind the above features so that you can select the drill you need. We all know each of us is different. Some do heavy-duty work with the drills, some don’t. So it is better to follow this guide to get the perfect drill to add to your toolbox.

Happy power drill shopping!

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