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Live streaming companies are thriving in Montreal


Live streaming companies is fast becoming one of the most effective tools for businesses. Video traffic is expected to comprise around 80% of all internet traffic by 2021, and live streaming stands out as the most immersive way to go about it.

The industry is huge, and with so many opportunities, it shows no sign of slowing down. From business live streaming to gaming and events to social media, technology provides innovative ways to deliver live streams to potential customers.

But how are live streaming companies in Montreal and the wider Quebec area capitalising on this live streaming boom?

Live streaming in Montreal

Event on air

Event on Air is a Montreal-based company that provides out-of-the-box live streaming opportunities for businesses. They offer live webcasting to turn events such as conferences, awards, and speeches into live streams, as well as covering the process from assigning camera and audio equipment to ensuring the stream can be hosted. With environmental concerns kicking in, live streaming certain events may not only show eco-friendly credentials but will allow more people to see and engage with the event than might have actually been able to attend.

Now media services

Now Media Services offer live streaming services to business websites or social media pages. Indeed, streaming onto Facebook accrues around 64 billion views per day, with customers tuning into various live streams that unveil new products, give a sneak peek into the business operations, or have celebrity ties. Instagram is similar, with Instagram Live broadcasts being the primary way celebrities are able to engage with their fanbase. Now Media Services run their live streaming offering as a monthly service, taking care of a business’s live streaming needs as required.


VimseriV are another Montreal-based company focused on video streaming with more of a virtual reality angle. Their tech that allows for 3D and 360° videos helps give an immersive feel to the live video feed. As the industry continues to grow, companies in the sector will have to find new ways of targeting customers. Businesses who use the services will also need to ensure they are finding new angles on live streaming to avoid saturation. Clever uses of technology such as this often have high engagement rates as people enjoy seeing what the technology can do in addition to the content itself. The benefit here is that the videos can be also engaged with on mobile devices.  

Live streaming more popular than ever

The growth in popularity and rise of live streaming is no surprise – and there are a growing number of ways companies and brands are using it effectively and innovatively.

For example, The Tonight Show took Facebook Live behind the scenes of the show in a live stream to fans, while GE used drones to live-stream footage of remote places as part of Drone Week. Meanwhile, as Casino Hacks shows with its live casino reviews, the technology is also being used in an inventive way to engage fans of online slot games, such as Gonzo’s Quest, with reviews broadcast live to their audience. Moreover, at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2016, General Motors became the first company to launch a new car model on live stream, with the Chevy Volt EV.

Live streaming is a popular way for brands to communicate with customers and, as the many Montreal businesses that offer such services attest to, it is a lucrative one. As live streams become the norm, companies will have to find ways of creating live-streamed content that is outside the box and offers something that most viewers haven’t seen before. And our local companies seem well prepared to help with that.

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