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Why good customer communication matters for businesses right now


With the covid-19 pandemic this year there have been many businesses who have been affected and that is why communication matters for businesses. Lockdown and social distancing measures have shaken up normal working routines and business for a lot of companies around the world. From big corporations to small independent companies, many have taken to their websites, their company blogs, and their social media to communicate with their customers.

While good customer communication is always important for businesses, it has become even more crucial over the past few months. Customers have wanted updates on covid-19, information on whether a business is still open (or when they will reopen), and have also wanted something to distract them too. How businesses communicate with their customers now will be a key determinant of how well their business could perform post-lockdown and post-covid.

Brands can leverage digital technology to build their brand but also keep their customers part of the conversation. It’s about being compassionate, educating your customers, and positioning your brand as a relevant authority with value. More than ever, business owners want their business to stay in the forefront of the mind of each customer by staying in touch with them.

Communication matters for businesses – It can help your customer retention

Keeping your customers happy and communicating with them to ensure they are satisfied with your products and services can go a long way to help retain them. Once a customer buys from you, seek to get feedback from them. Your customers expect you to involve them and make them feel valued. Through social media businesses can gain feedback on the news they’ve shared and new products they announce. Arguably, the most business-friendly social media app is Instagram, as companies can leverage promoted content, work with influencers, and utilise creative Instagram Stories features. Using polls, direct messages, and encouraging comments can help with customer engagement and retention.

communication matters for businesses and can help you gain new business

In today’s society, businesses have the right technology to promote their brand and gain new customers. A lot of restaurants that have closed during lockdown have gained new business by offering food deliveries and collections instead through their websites. This is where live chats on websites, website orders, and instant messaging, can come in useful to help generate new business. Brands that are being seen to help during a crisis by offering helpful content or products and services will benefit the most from consumer trust. These are the businesses that people think about in the future when they want to make purchases. Communication, in this case, acts as a valuable reinforcement tool and also allows businesses to address customer issues in real-time.

It can help you improve customer loyalty and trust

Communicating with your customers is one way of finding out how they use your products and what they feel about them. Spending time with your customers online and providing the information they need will make you dependable and reliable. This will make them trust you more and help improve your customer loyalty and brand awareness. The Pogg’s guide on How Do UK Bloggers Run & Manage Their Blogs? can be useful to understand what type of blog content performs best with your online customers. How-to articles, infographics, guides and ebooks, are just some content formats that are the most successful online. To further improve customer loyalty, it’s also useful for businesses to make customer service strategy improvements such as collecting feedback and learning more from your average response time to customer enquiries.

It can help you better implement business changes

Communicating with customers helps you to adapt to their changing needs and address modifications that may take effect in your company. For instance, if there will be a change in your opening times, your customers need to know. It’s also crucial that businesses communicate with their customers on delivery updates or price changes. Failing to communicate important changes can make your customers feel unvalued and they might eventually look for a more reliable supplier. Connecting with them through email, newsletters, social media, or messaging, can reassure them you are still interested in assisting them. Keep them up to speed with accurate information and ensure that key announcements are clearly explained to customers. Ensure that the message delivered has the right tone of voice and be compassionate and empathetic with your customers during this time.

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