How can artificial intelligence enhance cybersecurity?

artificial intelligence

Canada ranks highly in terms of cybersecurity measures, and this is at least according to research that placed them 13th out of 75 countries, with the likes of Denmark, Sweden, and Ireland slightly more advanced in cybersecurity protocols. However, the country is still at risk and this is evidenced by a MadeinCA online report, which highlighted the fact that Canadians lost roughly $100 million to online fraud in 2021.

Of course, cybersecurity is a global issue, and it’s on the rise as cybercriminals become more intelligent and adopt more nefarious means of hacking unsecured networks and guessing weak passwords. 

Solutions, not problems

Fortunately, though, there are tools and techniques to help people protect themselves and their information online. Perhaps the most common of these options is VPNs. For example, ExpressVPN servers in Canada offer advanced encryption, allowing individuals to roam online with safety assurance. They could, for instance, access their bank account online or log onto their emails without worrying about third parties, even while browsing on public Wi-Fi networks. Most people will be more concerned with accessing their favourite TV streams and live sports with the VPN. Nonetheless, the additional perk of encryption when sensitive data is involved is highly beneficial.

Other tools are proving beneficial in helping enhance an individual’s cybersecurity, such as artificial intelligence. 

How can artificial intelligence improve cybersecurity? 

1) Scanning For Active and Potential Threats  

As cybercriminals become more intelligent and cybercrime tools develop, it is almost impossible for cybersecurity personnel to manually shift through and review all ongoing or possible cybersecurity threats on a company’s network. That’s why artificial intelligence technology can play a crucial role in cybersecurity since it can automatically scan for active or potential threats and identify them. 

This scanning process includes detecting bots, which are increasingly used for cybercrime, but there are also many other types of cybersecurity attacks, such as phishing, ransomware, Trojan horses, and malware. One example of a malware attack on companies is the Petya and NotPetya attacks that occurred in 2017, which The Guardian website states affected many different businesses. People can’t catch all of these and detect them correctly, but artificial intelligence can, making it an essential technology for the future of the cybersecurity market.   

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2) Provides an extra layer of protection 

Today, it is no good to just have a password. Instead, it would help to have multi-factor authentication, such as Okta, which combines unique passwords with tools like facial recognition or fingerprint scanners. Artificial intelligence makes these extra security tools possible; therefore, this technology is crucial for the future of the cybersecurity market. Without facial recognition or fingerprint tools, fraud attempts are more successful, and companies may see more network security breaches. 

3) Machine Learning Technology 

Since artificial intelligence uses machine learning technology, companies can implement this into their network system. By using machine learning technology, artificial intelligence will learn what’s normal for a network, making it easier to detect if there are any deviations or active security risks. Furthermore, this advanced learning process makes it more difficult for cybercriminals to try to beat the system.  Cybercrime is a developing market. As technology becomes more advanced, so too do hacking tools and techniques. This is impacting many countries in the world, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over. There are many solutions to improve a business or individual’s online security, such as using encryption services. Additionally, over time, artificial intelligence is also proving to be a solution, with the technology introducing strategies like facial recognition and speeding up the scanning process to detect potential threats. 

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