Lumenco: Led light panels and more to buy online

LLumenco: Led light panels

Lumenco is a Canadian based lighting distributor company for residential,commercial and industrial lighting.

It supplies light products in retail and wholesale from different sellers.

At lumenco,one can browse through a range of lighting products designed efficiently to meet the lighting requirements be it outdoors or indoors at best rates with expert lighting advice at the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Led panel lights

Led panels are also called flat panel lights due to the fact that they have a slim profile which is barely 9mm to over 10mm thick. The reason why led panels took the wave is that they are heavy on energy efficiency and reduce maintenance cost.

LED panel lights are crafted to meet certain standards of lighting which can hardly be fulfilled by other lighting fixtures as they are available in edge-lit, back lit, round panels etc with their versatile design features they have wide range of application in all setups not just this they have various mounting features which makes them compatible in a range of places. They are available with colour changing, temperature adjustable, dimmable features used for general lighting, backlighting and ambient lighting. Several high quality brands like Satco, Eiko, TCP and Nuvo which are affiliated with Lumenco have the best led light panels.

The products can be categorised according to their functionality and applications across different setups.

Commercial lighting

Commercial lighting refers to lighting which is necessary in task oriented environments. This is a widely used application as commercial light refers to light fixtures used in commercial setups such as: offices, hospitals, schools, shops, faculties etc. These light fixtures are designed to have guaranteed longer life spans, durability and less maintenance cost.

The kind of light fixtures used in such places are:

LED tubes

Led tubes were first designed to replace T8 fluorescent tubes specifically with G5 and G13 bases. These tubes which are highly efficient and with led integrated technology have taken over the market as they can be used in general fixtures or retrofit any fluorescent fixture.

Troffer lights/led troffer lights

Troffer lights or troffer fixtures refers to a rectangular fixture which usually accommodates fluorescent tube lights and are typically recessed in a T-bar or grid ceiling ceiling but they can also be suspended by means of chains. These are generally large fixtures available in sizes 1×2,2×2 and 2×4 foot can be retrofitted with led lamps.

Led floodlights

Floodlights are broad beamed high intensity lights used in outdoor environments to provide daylight like light. floodlights are integrated with motion sensors, photocells which makes them quite an efficient fixture for outdoor lighting applications.

LED Canopy lights

These come in a variety of sizes from 6 inch to 18 inches and can be surface or recessed mounted. These fixtures light the area below them and they have either frosted or clear lenses which diffuse the light with reducing glare and illuminating a large area.

Industrial lighting

In industries, the main focus of lighting is worker’s compliance. There are various high end tasks dedicated to be carried out in industrial setups stretched over a vast area, which can only be carried out with precision and less trouble if the environment is well lit to aid in carrying out those high end production and assortment works.

There are dedicated fixtures which are designed keeping in mind the requirement of lighting needs in industries which are:

High bay lights

High-bay lights are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings stretched over a large area. That usually means they illuminate rooms with ceilings ranging from 20 feet to approximately 45 feet without producing any glare. High bays are available in a variety of shapes and varying lumens to fit the lighting requirements of any industrial setup as well as large facilities designated for various functions like production, storage, assortment etc to facilitate the working environment.

Vapor tight lights

Vapor tight light fixtures are sealed and gasketed luminaires that provide general illumination for both indoor and outdoor environments where exposure to water, humidity, toxic chemicals and dust is likely to occur. These luminaires are usually mounted on ceilings in industries and the gasket feature aids by providing light while minimising any accidents or interruption due to light quality.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lights are an industrial application of their own as Interior decor is quite subtly an industry of its own, much rather an art. Decorative lighting is specially crafted to complement the interiors of any place like home, restaurants, shops etc.

Light fixtures are specifically designed to add ambiance and suit the aesthetic needs of any indoor environment.

The various kinds of decorative lights are:

Recessed Lights

Recessed light fixtures are efficient and versatile lighting for new or remodelled ceilings. These lights have a very discreet profile and can be used in several ways for layering of light or just general illumination. They are available in a variety of designs and trims which enhances its functional features.

Recessed lights can be used for accent, task or general lighting mainly to illuminate, highlight special design features of a room or create a spacious illuminated look in a room.


Chandeliers are available in large and small sizes used for ambient lighting available for layering of light or to enhance the interior decor. Chandeliers are available in various sizes and designs so they can be used for multi layering of light to set ambience according to the location they are used in.


Pendants are task lights with a decorative flair, they are particularly appropriate for decorative use because they can be crafted in so many different forms. They are available in crystal, vintage, natural designs. The way the light appears with mini pendants cast a visually dramatic look in numerous areas like, living rooms, cafes, dining areas etc.

Outdoor lights

Outdoor lights add a decorative touch to your house, art gallery or small setup’s front yard, backyard, patio etc. These lights are usually mounted against the walls and also known as wallpacks used to meet both lighting and decorative needs with special features.

Lumenco inc being an online platform has high end customer service from knowledgeable lighting experts where one can get quotes on lighting, exclusive discounts, and an array of lighting fixtures to meet any sort of lighting needs teamed with affiliated brands which are popularly known to produce efficient high quality light fixtures with suitable warranties for any individual or high end projects.

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