Paving with sidewalk tiles for beginners: Proven Methods

sidewalk tiles

Paving is not only a functional element of landscaping, it is also an important aspect of its aesthetics. A properly laid Ottawa interlock tile not only beautifies gardens and yards, but also ensures safety of movement. In this article we will share the secrets and methods of paving with sidewalk tiles that will be useful to both beginners and experienced builders.

How to Put Down Sidewalk Stones: Top Methods

Before you begin, it’s important to choose how you will place the tiles. The way we do things is based on if the tiles are big or small and how rough the ground is. Let’s consider the main methods.

Chessboard Pattern Laying

This way is great for tiles that are all the same size and shape. Tiles are put down in turn, making a special and strong pattern. It is not only pretty, but also very strong and drains well.

Laying Along a Curve

This way is the best choice for putting tiles on curved areas. It lets for easy shapes and makes the view more natural. But remember, this way can be harder and sometimes you need expert help.

Laying Along a Straight Line

This is the easiest and most usual way, good for putting tiles on straight parts. The tiles are set up in a line, making a simple and new style. This way is good for do-it-yourself projects.

Pick and Get the Surface Ready

Preparing the surface is the first and most important step. Getting the bottom ready makes sure it lasts and looks nice.

First, remove the trash, tree branches and other things that might get in your way. This makes sure that the tiles stay level and don’t change shape over time.

Next, level the surface. If the ground isn’t flat, use sand or stones to make it even. This will give a solid and steady foundation for the tiles. Give extra care to making the base strong, as this impacts how long-lasting the whole thing is.

Be sure the surface is dry after making it flat. A wet ground can cause the tiles to sink unevenly and break. Wait for a few days after it rains before you begin to make sure the best outcome.

Material Selection

Picking the best material for sidewalk tiles is an important part of putting them down. There are many options, and each has its features:

  • Vibrated Cast Tile: This kind of tile is made using a shaking process, which gives it strong power.
  • Pressed Tile: Made under pressure, it is heavier and better at resisting wear.
  • Thickness Variation: For places where people walk, tiles that are up to 4 centimeters thick work well. For driveways, pick tiles that are 8-10 cm thick to handle car weight.
  • Color and Shape: Pick the color and shape of tiles that will match well with the whole look of the space.

How to Put Down Sidewalk Tiles in Easy Steps

Putting down sidewalk stones needs focus and patience. Use these steps to get the best outcome.

Surface Preparation

The first thing to do is get the surface ready. Get rid of plants, rocks and anything in the way. Then make the surface even and put in the needed edges.

Drainage System Installation

To stop water from building up under the tiles, put in a drainage system. This is really important in places with lots of water under the ground.

Tile Laying

Begin putting down the tiles at the corners or edges, then heading towards the middle. Make sure the tiles are even and in the same height.

Take care of sidewalk tiles after putting them down

After putting down the tiles, it’s crucial to take good care of them so they stay pretty and strong.

Cleaning: Always clean up trash and leaves from the tiles regularly. This will stop dirt from building up and prevent stains from forming.

Washing: Use water along with gentle soap if needed to clean off dirt and dust. This will keep the tile clean and bright, showing its color well.

Stain and Vegetation Removal: Use special helpers to get rid of stains. Often clear the plants growing in between the tiles to stop them from breaking.


When is the best time to start putting sidewalk tiles after it rained?

It’s a good idea to wait a few days after the rain for the ground to be completely dry. This will stop the tiles from settling unevenly.

What kind of tile is more suitable for busy areas?

For busy places, it is better to pick pressed tiles. They are stronger against scratching and have more weight.

How often should we clean sidewalk tiles?

Regularly take away trash and leaves, especially after rain or strong wind. How often it is done changes based on the surroundings, but generally, it happens at least once a week.

Do I have to use special cleaning soap for washing the tiles?

Usually, normal water is okay. For heavy cleaning, we can use gentle soap but make sure it doesn’t hurt the tile material.

What should I do if the tiles begin to move in an uneven way?

When tiles aren’t even, it often means the base was not prepared properly. They suggest you get help from a pro to put the tiles back on, but first fix any problems with the base.

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