Royal Canadian Mint reinvents the coin

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Breaking the mold to prove there can be more than two sides to a coin, the Royal Canadian Mint reinvents the coin and has proudly created a collectible in the three-dimensional shape of a real cut diamond.  The 2020 $50 Fine Silver Diamond Shaped Coin – Forevermark© Diamond is crafted from three ounces of 99.99% pure silver and is adorned by a 0.20-carat diamond from Northern Ontario’s Victor Mine. The Mint’s R&D team overcame many challenges to flawlessly strike this dramatically contoured coin and produce a luxury collectible that is also a unique engineering feat.  This extraordinary creation, along with many other finely crafted collectibles, is available to the public as of today.

Royal Canadian Mint reinvents the coin and other coins launching in March include:   

  • The 2020 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Mother Earth: Home, a Jamie Desrochers designed coin featuring a coloured view of Earth from the silvery surface of the moon, with black light technology that intensifies the Milky Way illustrated in the background; 
  • The 2020 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Bejewelled Bugs – Labybug, featuring the artwork of Jori van der Linde, adorned by a black and white rhodium-plated ladybug encrusted with garnet and sapphire gemstones; 
  • The gold-plated 2020 $50 Fine Silver Coin – Real Shapes: Beaver; 
  • The 2020 $50 Fine Silver Coin – Courageous Bald Eagle featuring artist Steve Hepburn’s graceful perspective of an eagle soaring above a Canadian coast line; 
  • The 2020 $3 Fine Silver Coin – Floral Emblems of Canada – Ontario: White Trillium, the first of 13 Lisa Thomson-Khan-designed coins illustrating the official flowers of all of Canada’s provinces and territories; 
  • The 2020 $10 Fine Silver Coin – Congratulations on Your Graduation, featuring the artwork of Jori van der Linde; 
  • The 2020 25-Cent Coin Set – Connecting Canada, a Tony Bianco-designed trio of coins celebrating each of Canada’s three coasts; 
  • The 2020 Special Wrap Roll Collection – First Strikes, a set featuring special-wrapped rolls of every circulating coin denomination; and, 
  • The crystal-enhanced 2020 $5 Fine Silver Coin – Birthstones: March, featuring the artwork of Pandora Young.

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