Natural Organic home made cleaning spray recipe


Why do most of us have the tendency to hold onto clutter, only to buy more? Why is it so hard to get rid of things we don’t use? We convince ourselves, “I may need it in the future”, or “I’ll get it fixed one day”, or “It holds sentimental value”… or we just couldn’t be bothered to discard it, so we shove it somewhere… until it piles up around us. Junk drawers. Cupboards. Full. Garages. Full. Some of us even rent storage bins to hold even more stuff! We really don’t need it all and this hoarding habit actually contributes to stress!!

Spring is a wonderful opportunity to purge, to get rid of unwanted and un-used items. This creates space. Space to soak up the dust and breathe. Space to think more clearly. Spokespeople are shedding light on the importance of making your bed and keeping a clean room every morning, and how this transfers to how you feel for the rest of the day!

The Marie Kondo Method of cleaning has become quite popular, and I know why… releasing clutter in your life feels amazing! Organizing your drawers and closets and surroundings, not only clears space in your home, but in your body! “Out of sight, Out of mind”, doesn’t work too well, when you open that closet door to be greeted with chaos and disorder. You don’t even know what’s back there, so you shut the door and head to the store to buy what you need… or may not actually need!

Some of us hate cleaning, but the process of shedding clutter has been proven therapeutic. Purging feels good in the end. It relaxes our mind, and makes room for the new. New intentions and new growth. A way to shed the old to make room for the future.



Fresh air is essential. Allow the dust to dissipate as you fill your air and body with outside freshness.


If you aren’t ready to do a full KonMarie Method type of purge, start small. One drawer or cupboard. Take everything out. Dump it all onto the floor.


I like to use to a black marker to write on bags and boxes
– Garbage
– Recycling
– Donations
– Sell
– Storage
– Keep


Keep only items that SPARK JOY, as Marie says. Hold the item in your hands and decide whether you love it and really need it. If not, toss. Nobody said this is an easy process, but take my word for it… It’s worth it in the end. Letting go is an art. Try it!


Wipe, dust, and use your vacuum cleaner. This is the best part! There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing the clear space to make room for a more organized life.


You don’t need to go as far as folding your socks and underwear into little colourful balls, each and every piece visible to the eye when you open the drawer, as lovely as that is… But using smaller storage containers for the little things and labelling are easy enough to do, and makes the world of difference. If you cannot see your stuff, you won’t know what you have! Baskets and jars and little colourful boxes are pretty and fun.


Congratulate yourself on a job well done, and see how wonderful it feels to make space in your surroundings, your mind and your life!  Spring is a time for setting intentions. It all starts by making room, washing away the old in order to manifest the new.

EARTH TO BODY has a few products you might like to keep your things and your space fresh and clean the NATURAL way.
Lavender linen Spray
All-Purpose Sanitizer
Shampoo Bar – Works wonders on tough stains and cleaning in general.
LavenderEucalyptus and/or Peppermint Essential Oils


In a glass spray bottle, combine…

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 3/4 cups water
  • 30 drops of essential oil (combos could include lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint)

We stand behind our products. We give great customer service. Visit us at Subscribe to our newsletter. Visit our store: ‘La Boutique Earth to Body’, 89 Lucerne, Pointe Claire, QC., H9R 2V1. Email [email protected]

By: Tara Palov – [email protected]

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