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24h Tremblant breaks a record


The organizers of Tremblant’s 24h are elated to announce the unprecedented success of their 19th edition. The event culminated in a record fundraising total of $4,789,709 in support of children’s causes, nearly $700,000 more than last year. This edition also drew the participation of a record number of teams (424) and participants (3,780). If there was even a sliver of doubt before this, it has been dispelled forever: Tremblant’s 24h is firmly established as a fundraiser to be reckoned with and an unmissable winter sport event. The 19th edition is only just being put to bed and already we are planning the 20th. 

The Tremblant’s 24h 2019 edition at a glance:

  • $4,789,709 million raised with 47,491 donations
  • 424 ski, walk, and run teams
  • 3,780 enthusiastic participants enjoying pleasant winter weather
  • More than 350 dedicated volunteers
  • 18,937 downhill runs
  • 36,385 kilometres covered by walkers and runners, totalling 6,738 laps around the course!
  • Billions of heartbeats
  • 10 devoted ambassadors
  • 10 child spokespersons
  • 3 beneficiary foundations
  • 2 fun & festive party nights
  • Hundreds of fundraising events organized by teams throughout the year
  • Thousands of high-fives, words of support and smiles
  • Countless lives changed, hearts warmed, personal bests achieved
  • One 20th edition confirmed for December 4, 5 and 6, 2020

An edition we won’t soon forget! This has been a milestone year for Tremblant’s 24h. The moving and inspiring story of Jacob Tourigny, who passed away last February of an aggressive form of leukemia, touched hearts everywhere. His mother Karine spearheaded the Jacob Strong movement in his memory, and her mission inspired every other team to raise their targets and work even harder for the cause. One of our ambassadors, Benoit Gagnon, and his daughter, Sophie, set themselves a daunting challenge and in spite of aches, pains and fatigue, they managed to ski together for the entire 24 hours. Team Guérison, led by athlete Alexandre Despatie and composed of young adults who all battled cancer as children, was also a huge motivation for participants who ran, skied and walked and followed only their hearts!

Beyond the physical challenge, Tremblant’s 24h is an opportunity for people to be part of something bigger than themselves, to witness the spectacle of many others pushing to achieve their personal bests. Everyone agrees that the 24h is a priceless experience in which organized activities, generosity of spirit, the gamut of emotions and sheer pleasure come together during a single exhilarating weekend.

Mélissa Lavergne and her musical guests Alicia Moffet, Jorane, David Laflèche, Eloi Painchaud, Damien Robitaille, Normand Brathwaite, Geneviève Jodoin and Antoine Gratton used their superpowers to melt all the snow, while the hip hop collective Alaclair Ensemble also set the Rogers Stage on fire at the foot of the slopes on Saturday night. The entire mountain resonated to the sounds of their greatest hits. Singer Marie-Mai also conquered the crowds with her performance at the closing celebrations on Sunday.

All together for the kids

Along with thousands of participants, visitors and donors, the event hosted numerous personalities, companies and organizations participating in support of children’s causes.

“Something really special happened this year with the 24h,” said Simon St-Arnaud, executive producer of Tremblant’s 24h. “First, we raised $4,789,709. Just think of what it takes to raise that kind of money: engaged, committed participants who doubled down on their efforts for weeks on end, incredibly creative fundraising activities and, of course, a massive group effort.”

Once again this year, Tremblant’s 24h was pleased to count on a team of dedicated ambassadors who promoted the event far and wide throughout Quebec. Benoît Gagnon, Frédéric Plante, Lianne Laing, Alexandre Bilodeau, Philippe Fehmiu, Dominic Arpin, Erik Guay, Alexandre Despatie and Anne-Marie Withenshaw all spent weeks tirelessly pointing out the importance of giving generously and supporting both the participants and the beneficiary foundations.

Organizers can attribute part of the event’s success to its sponsoring partners and major donors which, through their involvement, demonstrated how important children’s causes are to them. Indeed, the 24h was proud to have the incredible support of its presenting partner, Canada Life, which deployed a massive delegation of 17 teams and 200 employees.

Where the donations Tremblant’s 24h go!

All profits from Tremblant’s 24h go to our three beneficiary foundations: Fondation Charles-Bruneau, the Ottawa Senators Foundation of Ottawa and Fondation Tremblant.

To see all event results, go here:

To learn more about how the donations are used, visit here 

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