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Boxer Lee Reeves dominates at Niagara Falls fights


Boxer Lee Reeves – Canada Day Weekend, Niagara Falls saw a display of fireworks brilliance over the water…and in the boxing ring.

Irish upstart Lee Reeves thundered to a 5-0 professional record with a dominant victory at Scotiabank Convention Centre on June 29th.

Stopping a game Dominik Csaba Karoly—a Hungarian challenger with deft movement– before the outset of the sixth and final round, Reeves displayed the grit, tenacity, and skill that has industry titans like Lineal Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury heralding his potential.

Limerick’s Reeves with his movie-star good looks and killer left hand—could easily be forgiven for adopting the type of brash, arrogant persona countryman Conor McGregor made popular in sister-sport MMA.  One of the bue-chip prospect’s most endearing qualities, however, is his humble nature; a nature evident in his assessment of the performance.

“I felt I started a little slow; the first round I didn’t quite have my legs under me. I wanted to put on a show for everyone who showed up to see me; by the second, third rounds I started to feel him out, started putting a little more pop on the punches.  I was happy to get him out of there, but wish I’d caught my rhythm a little sooner.”

Promoter Lee Baxter—who hosted the blockbuster Canada Day weekend event–views Reeves’ performance a little differently.

“Every time I give him a step-up, or a test, he shines.  After his last fight—where he went in and blew the guy out—we discussed the importance of slowing down and gaining experience in there. And that’s exactly what he displayed in this fight.  He knew he was in with a tough opponent, and he boxed well, showcased composure.”

Baxter acknowledges the intangibles

The Toronto-based promoter signed Reeves after an impressive amateur career and has witnessed first-hand the entirety of the 24-year-old Irishman’s pro campaign. Baxter acknowledges the intangibles—those rare qualities displayed in athletes with the ability to transcend their sport—exist in Reeves.

“Lee gets it naturally.  He understands—and this was evident from his debut—that he’s not only an athlete, but an entertainer.  He’s a showman…and he wants his performances to reflect that.”

Should Reeves continue to showcase the kind of boxing acumen and flash on display Canada Day Weekend, fireworks won’t be reserved for holidays.

By: Brody McVittie – info@mtltimes.ca
24.51 Mtl times July 20, 2019 Page 9 Lee Reeves

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