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Everything you need to know about basketball hoops


If you are a beginner in the basketball world and you are searching for all you could ever know about basketball hoops, then this post is for you. At Ballers Republic, we believe in the eagerness of beginners because every expert was once a beginner, therefore we would be giving you the necessary details and all you need to know about basketball hoops. Grab your cup of coffee and relax as we take you through the journey you have been anticipating.

Types of Basketball Hoops

The first thing to know about basketball hoops is their types. There are various types which we will explain below.

  1.   The In-Ground Basketball Hoop

The in-ground basketball hoops are those hoops you see in many of the basketball courts you visit. They are fixed and cannot be removed. These are the hoops used in real professional games, so if you are serious about basketballing, and you want to take it to the next level, then you should consider training with this.

  1.   The Portable Basketball Hoop

These types of hoops are common in homes. They are the types where you have to fill the base with either sand or water to support the hoop from falling. Unlike in-ground hoops, this type of hoop can be carried about and are not fixed. These types of hoops are likely to shake during games and can increase the chances of losing a score. To avoid this you need to fill them with enough amount of sand or water. They do work well and are used by many.

  1.   Wall-Mount Basketball Hoop

This is a type of basketball hoop that is attached to a wall. They are now used by very few people as the portable hoops are very convenient to use and carry about.


This is an important part of your basketball hoop. Most rims now come with some kind of breakaway technique that prevents damages to the backboard when dunked.

Types of Basketball Rims

  1.   Standard Rim

This is a type of rim that has no spring, and can easily damage the backboard when dunked. Standard rims have been in existence ever since and have been used a lot. But when spring-loaded rims were released, it became hard to find a hoop with a standard rim except if the hoop is relatively cheap.

  1.   Exposed Spring Breakaway Rim

This is one of the rims used in the modern-day hoop.  Unlike the Standard Rim, they are loaded with springs which allow for the breakaway ability. The springs of this rim are exposed and can rust.

  1.   Enclosed Spring Breakaway Rim

This type of rim has its spring enclosed. This allows them to last longer as they are not exposed to elements of weather. This is the best basketball rim, and there are the rims found on top-tier hoops. We at ballers republicsuggest you go for this type of rim.


This refers to the board behind the rim in a hoop. There are three different types.

  Polycarbonate Backboard

These are the types of backboard found on cheap hoops. With this type of backboard, you will see that your ball does not leave the board with the required force. Nevertheless, this is perfect if you just want a hoop for family fun.

  1.   Acrylic Backboard

This type of backboard performs better than polycarbonate. This board gives the ball enough force to bounce off. This board is durable and is of higher quality.

  1.   Tempered Glass for basketball hoops

This is the best backboard you can get. This backboard gives players the required force needed to bounce the ball and is the most used backboard. Hoops with the tempered glass backboards are relatively expensive.


Sizes of Backboard on a basketball hoops

Backboards generally come in two shapes. It is either a fan or a square. Square boards are in sizes of 42 to 72 inches. Backboards provide missed shot a place to hit, and large boards are more expensive. A backboard with some padding can be great as the extra layers make the game safe for every player.

Support for basketball hoops

Basketball hoops do have some support poles. These come in one, two and three-piece. Hoops with a one-piece support pole are more stable than those with a two-piece support pole. The term ‘two-piece support pole’ simply means that the hoop uses two separate metals to support itself, and Ballers Republic would suggest you go for a one-piece support pole.

Height Adjustment for basketball hoops

Height adjustments are an important part of a hoop. Most of the hoops being made today come with this unlike the previous one where a broom handle is needed to adjust heights. The common heights are between seven and ten feet. You can adjust your hoop’s height within this range.

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