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6 things I wish I knew before going to Athens


Athens is a beautiful and chaotic destination at the same time. To visit this city is to find contrasts everywhere, a gear between the ancient and the modern, a captivating charm for every traveler.That is why Lonely Planet includes it among the best of the best for 2020, as one of the top 10 economic cities to know.So while you’re on that adventure that is planning a trip, read these 6 things I wish I knew before going to Athens.

Rent a car

Athens can be a busy city, but the traffic is not enough to deter you from choosing comfort over the hassle of understanding and counting on the mediocre and unreliable public transport system of the city. Additionally, if you are planning to leave the city,renting a car is a great way to get to know some towns near Athens on your own.You will arrive at new places that are less explored by tourists, so if you travel as a group or as a couple this option is great for getaways away from the capital.Visit Enjoy in order to find the right car hire company in Athens.

Take cash with you

Greece has always been famous for cash preference, rather than using debit cards and much less credit.But this has changed a bit since it suffered the economic crisis that started in 2009.Many businesses became more flexible and began accepting the cards as a form of payment. However, it is always good to have cash, especially for small expenses, or when you leave the city.

Smoking is like water in Athens

For me that I do not tolerate the cigar much, it was a bit disturbing, however it is part of its idiosyncrasy, so you have to arm yourself with tolerance and accept that it is quite cultural in Greece to smoke, even if you have a law and all forbidding it in closed spaces.Keep this in mind and take it as an experience.

Tour other places outside the city

Athens is a dream, but you can explore it quite quickly if you move by car. With 2 or 3 days you know the main attractions and beyond. So take a break through its nearby regions, the Peloponnese or Kalambaka are relatively close destinations in Continental Greece and are definitely worth knowing.You can opt for the tours or leave on your own.

Tipping is optional

How in almost all of Europe the tip is included in the service in restaurants and bars, and giving them is not mandatory or necessary, keep this in mind so that you save the most. If you feel very well attended, you can make the decision to give a tip but remember that it can be only 5% of the value of the service.

Carry comfortable shoes and lots of water with you always

While exploring the neighbourhoodsAthens you’ll most likely walk a lot.It is the best way to find secret and beautiful places, but keep in mind that it is a city full of hills so you will have to take hard walks.Just going up to the Acropolis will leave you breathless but as in everything on travel it is part of the adventure. For all this, take good sports shoes with you, that are comfortable and that cushion the walks.Do not go in sandals unless you’re visiting Athens in Summer.And carry your water bottle with you always.Stay hydrated.

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