Montreal ‘Cocktail Bomb’ blows up

Cocktail bomb

Montrealer Kiana Gomes has taken TikTok by storm with her new company Cocktail Bomb shop .

Kiana Gomes is originally from Ottawa but has lived in Montreal for the past 10 years, she came up with an idea of creating her own cocktail bomb. In the last month Kiana’s TikTok account has blown up literally over night. Kiana posted her first video on TicTok, when she went to bed it had 10,000 views when she woke up the video had gone viral and reached 500,000 views over night. Her TicTok account now has over 98,000 followers and growing everyday.

Cocktail Bomb
Montrealer Kiana Gomes has taken TikTok by storm with her new company Cocktail Bomb shop

Kiana Gomes is a 21 year old full time student at Concordia University studying journalism. She started selling hot chocolate bombs in the fall and figured she need to expand her line for summer weather. After researching many recipes and trying them Kiana came up with her own recipes and started to manufacture them herself with friends and family.

Assorted Cocktail Bombs

The cocktail bomb is the same concept as a bath bomb and if you are not familiar with the concept the instructions are easy to follow. Follow the recipe and drop in your cocktail bomb. Presto you have a beautiful delicious exotic drink.

Ordering cocktail bombs is just as easy by clicking on their website.

What flavours do cocktail bombs come in?

  • Margarira Bomb
  • Mimosa Bomb
  • Mojito Bomb
  • Peach Bellini Bomb
  • Pina Colada Bomb
  • Raspberry Orange Bomb
  • Blue Raspberry (NEW)
  • Variety Pack ( a mixture to find your favourite Bomb)
Cocktail Bombs

On their website you will find all the recipes like this one the Mimosa CocktailBomb recipe:

1.Pour the champagne into a glass

2.Drop in your mimosa cocktail bomb

3.Garnish with orange slices and or strawberries

*Note cocktail bomb takes longer to dissolve when used only with alcohol, for a shorter dissolving time add some sparkling water to the mix. Enjoy!

All of the Cocktail bombs are manufactured in Montreal and are eco friendly. The box that the bombs are shipped in is 100% recyclable and the wrap around the bombs is biodegradable.

For those who live in Montreal and do not want to order online cocktail bombs are available at supermarché la main ( 3695 boulevard Saint Laurent ) with many more locations to come.

How much are cocktail bombs

Here is a link to the website. All of our products are handmade in Montreal. We offer a 4 pack for 19.95 or a 6 pack for 29.95.

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