Six bathroom design and installation mistakes you should avoid

bathroom design

Some people are not pleased despite financing the design and construction of their house; they feel some things are not just in the right shape. One of the ways to avoid this is ensuring that you are a part of the bathroom design and building process at every stage. Even after the building is erected, you should be observant and figure out what could be better.

For instance, the bathroom is one area that you should pay serious attention to if you are to have the one bedroom house of your dreams. To this end, this article will discuss six common mistakes people make when designing and constructing this part of the home. This discussion will help you avoid these mistakes so that you can get the best out of this part of the house.

bathroom design and installation mistakes
bathroom design and installation mistakes

What your bathroom should not look like

There is no doubting the fact that this part of the home is very important. Some office spaces even have bathrooms because of the importance. Well, whether it is for your home or office space, here are some mistakes to avoid when designing and/or constructing this part:

Plan that’s not detailed enough

Some house design plans are not detailed enough as regards the features of the bathroom. You should avoid making use of such plans. If you are dealing directly with an architect, make sure s/he has all the features of the bathroom figured out in the plan.

This will enable you to go over it and make sure it is to your taste.  Also, stock plans or custom-designed plans purchased online should be detailed in this regard. This is because it is more than just creating a space for this part of the house. You can check out some modern Truoba one bedroom house designs for more information on this.

Solely depending on artificial lighting

Some bathrooms have the problem of over-relying on artificial lighting. While it is good to have artificial lights in this part of the house, you should make sure it is not at the expense of natural light. This is why the window has to be stationed in the right place.

Some construction teams have house plans implemented without taking note of these things. Make sure that is not the case with yours. This is so that sensitive areas such as the kitchen and bathroom have access to sufficient natural light.

Insufficient ventilation

More often than not, bathrooms that lack access to sufficient natural light also have problems with ventilation. So, you have to make sure this is not the case with yours.

This part of the house is one area that cannot feel good without adequate ventilation. This is especially because of the amount of heat from the warm water as well as body perspiration.

You should also know that the bathroom will smell bad if you do not ensure adequate ventilation. So, make sure yours is not lacking in this regard.

Clustered bathroom

There are so many talks about building sustainable homes and this is for all the good reasons. However, sustainable one bedroom houses come at a cost. For instance, you do not use so much space.

If this is the case, you have to be careful when designing and constructing your bathroom. Asides from this, you are to make good use of storage setups.

For instance, you should have wall cabinets and other things that will make the place less cluttered. This is important because a clustered bathroom will restrict airflow and this will make the place smell bad.

Inappropriate flooring

Many people make use of tiles because it deals well with moisture and is durable. This is a great option but ensure your flooring choice is as safe as possible.

The truth is that many home accidents happen in the bathroom and a lot of them are because of slippery floors. So, use something durable and beautiful, but safe for you and everyone that uses it.

The use of inappropriate materials

Generally speaking, you should make sure that the right materials are used for every part. Do not choose style at the expense of functionality. This is a mistake made by many people and you should avoid it.

On a final note

We have gone over six common mistakes people make during the design and construction stages of their bathroom. Ensure that you do not do the same thing.

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