SHAN Collection from Montreal

SHAN Collection from Montreal

Montreal is no slouch when it comes to the world of fashion and SHAN is certainly at the top of the list with every piece of its collections fully conceptualized and manufactured in Laval (Qc) Canada. While the house employs locally, nearly 65% of its product is exported internationally, in over 33 countries. This success is explained by the love of consumers for the brand’s products, made for the modern lifestyle. Among several other recognitions from the industry, SHAN was once voted “Designer of the Year” by International Mode City Show which takes place in Paris.

SHAN Collection – Kim Bruneau modeling

“For over 33 years, we have been working within the world of resort wear.
Focusing on the garment’s unique brand, creative and innovative design
and meticulous expertise, we are greatly flattered that SHAN’s values are
being recognized and expanding to new categories now comes as a natural progression.” says Chantal Levesque, Founder and Designer.

Kim Bruneau modeling SHAN collection bikini

SHAN indeed first made its mark with its high-end beachwear and its glamorous, multifunctional and eco-responsible resort wear collections. The brand is now ensuring its expansion with high-quality, functional, comfortable, and versatile ready-to-wear collections for both men and women. SHAN boosts ready-to-wear, swimwear, resort wear, lounge wear, for women and men with sustainable materials purchased from the same leading fashion suppliers as luxury international brands. Today, SHAN rivals the biggest brands in the world.

SHAN Collection – Kim Bruneau modeling

Each collection, for both women and men, is meticulously designed with a special attention to detail from design, fabric to twin needle finishes. Every design is made to feel and look like a piece of artwork.

“Over the years, it was important to me to push boundaries in order to achieve the perfect product architecture.” – Chantal Levesque, Designer and President. Each style is unique and stands out due to its sleek design, vibrant colour or print. The one of a kind cuts of a SHAN product will accentuate your best features while its textile carefully chosen from the highest quality and exclusively made for the brand, will provide comfort and long lasting life of the piece.

SHAN was founded in 1985 by designer and president Chantal Levesque. As of today, SHAN operates nine stores and is available in over 800 retailers in 33 countries; including the Unites-States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Australia.

SHAN Collection – Kim Bruneau modeling

The authentic “Made in Canada” label sets them apart from the competition and by designing and producing 100% of their products in Canada, SHAN can easily and swiftly adapt to the market’s trends and needs. By creating clothing which corresponds to the modern consumer’s lifestyle, the sophisticated and interchangeable pieces are perfect for from home to the office, the beach to the restaurant. The company employs over 150 craft workers and evolves in a unique conceptual environment in which creation, production and management teams interact in a symbiotic common universe: the SHAN universe.

SHAN is definitely a local success to keep an eye on.

For more information and to order please visit their website here.

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