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Techniques and materials used by Aquatech to protect the bastment of your house -

Techniques and materials used by Aquatech to protect the bastment of your house

basement waterproofing

Aquatech – Your house is the most significant investment you can ever make. And we know you would do anything to protect it even if it costs you a fortune.

Ever heard of “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”?

Well, we know you are intelligent enough to know that.

But are you taking all the measures to ensure the safety of your most significant investment?

We are talking about basement waterproofing Toronto. Every little detail counts. There are so many factors that affect your basement’s well-being. Toronto waterproofing services are there for your rescue.

Why Do I Need To Fix My Basement?

To understand the problem with your basement, you need to know that any kind of leakage or moisture is a warning sign for you. Ignoring this will cost you so much more than just mending things.

The structuring and placement of the basement are underground, so the water finds its way inside. One must keep notes on how moisture reaches them to avoid it entirely.Aquatech Toronto Waterproofing services believe that some instances can be:

  • Poor Drainage

Poor drainage is a primary reason for basement dampness. If not appropriately designed, the water can seep through walls instead of draining away from them, leading to harsh water damage. 

  • Irregular Slope

Sloping the basement in houses is done, so the accumulated water washes away. Stagnant water can cause defilement due to hydrostatic pressure leading to cracks.

  • Faulty Basement

Cracks or peelings in your basements can invite water inside and ruin your space.

All these can be potential reasons why your basement is inviting mould and foul smell. Basement waterproofingis the answer to all your problems.

What Basement Waterproofing Techniques To Adapt As Suggested By Aquatech?

Well, since we all know ‘Prevention is better than cure, let’s also look at some basement waterproofing techniques for your basement that Aquatech provides their customers. However, these are based on the nature of the functioning and basement leak repair cost in Toronto:

Type A Protection

Type A protection is also called the ‘Barrier protection’ method. Well understood by its name, a ‘Barrier’ is added between the water and your basement to guard against leaks. There are two ways to follow this type of protection:

  • Internal waterproofing

This method is followed post construction of your basement. Aquatech technicians apply Slurry or liquid protective membrane to the walls using a brush or a trowel. This method is followed when external waterproofing is not an option.

  • External waterproofing

It is done before construction. This protects the basements from leaks and ensures the walls’ safety from any chemicals or plant damage. External protection is much recommended over internal security.

Type B Protection

The ‘Structurally Integral’ Protection system states that the basement should be made of materials and products that increase the strength and rigidity of the outer structure. Using these basement waterproofing techniques, the Aquatech technicians will waterproof the basement and provide a solid foundation for the space.

Type C Protection

Also known as the ‘Drained’ protection system, it ensures the proper management and drainage of water. The water has to be removed to ensure the immunity of your cellars. So, any water that might have entered through the TYPE A or TYPE B protection system will be sucked out, leaving the basement dry, odour free and mould-free. The technicians at Aquatech believe these basement waterproofing techniques to be the most secure form of waterproofing known.

Aquatech considers these basement waterproofing techniques while constructing or refurbishing your space. We also provide the best basement leak repair cost in Toronto, resulting in a more hygienic and safe basement for your area.

What Materials To Choose?

For basement waterproofing Toronto, we need materials that are reliable and firm. Some of the materials that are trusted by Aquatech and must be used while basement waterproofing Toronto are as follows:

  • Polyurethane

This is considered the most versatile product available for basement waterproofing Toronto. It can be used on roofs, basements, walls, etc., because of the nature of its formation. It is seamless to apply and penetrates deep into the walls/cracks. Moreover, it ensures that your basement walls don’t absorb as much water.

  • Cementitious Coating

This mixture of silica-based products with other materials forms a paste. While creating this mixture, the amount of water must be kept in check. It dies down into a hard waterproof covering on the surface.

  • EPDM Rubber

This highly elastic and flexible substance is used for basement waterproofing Toronto. This adjusts to the nature and formation of your basements and is flexible to temperature-induced contractions or expansions.

  • Thermoplastic

This is mainly used to seal the corners and joints to ensure no water is seeping inside. However, this is arguably the most expensive option out of all.

  • Bituminous Membrane

Although it is not an environmentally-friendly option, it is highly tough. The endurance power of this is excellent in addition to its sticky nature and inflexibility.

These are a few of the many other options available in the market to waterproof your basement. Technicians at Aquatech are highly trained professionals with a working knowledge of products used in your Toronto waterproofing services. We make sure to use quality products that last for a lifetime.

To Conclude:

Our house’s basement is as essential as the rest of the space. The technicians at Aquatech Basement Waterproofing are more focused on the house’s foundation. We believe in building trust and providing quality services through Toronto waterproofing services. Contact us to avail of the services and to know estimates for basement leak repair cost in Toronto.

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